Most of our customers are highly experienced drivers who pride themselves on taking care on the road. There may come a moment when they need to hire a truck for a move or for help to dispose of a garden’s worth of waste.

Whatever the job and whichever the truck, they’ll be able to drive our range of trucks on their driver’s licence. We’re here to give you a steer on why we’ve made things a little easier by only supplying trucks with automatic transmissions. Read on for the lowdown on automatic truck hire.

Automatic Truck Hire Makes Things Simpler
When you first see one of our Pantec trucks or Tipper trucks, you may take a moment or two to weigh them up. They might feel a little intimidating at first sight.

First up, they’re likely to be a lot bigger than the vehicle you usually drive. That means being mindful about leaving more room on the road and getting comfortable with all the mundane road manoeuvres many of us perform on auto-pilot.

There are a few common sense safety checks we can all always make whether we are driving a truck we wouldn’t normally drive or a smaller vehicle. These include:

  • Adjusting mirrors and the driver’s seat so we are comfortable
  • Following the rules of the road: wearing seatbelts, signalling and giving way
  • Reducing speed to below the maximum permitted
  • Being extra careful in wet or icy conditions
  • Being mindful of potential blindspots
  • Avoiding all distractions, especially anything phone-related
  • Taking frequent breaks if travelling long distances

Vehicles with automatic transmissions are simpler to drive. There’s always that initial double take if you’re not used to driving an automatic but any adjustment is fast and effortless.

Some of the Basics About an Automatic Transmission
Automatic truck hire will typically have four main modes. These are:

  • Park (P), Reverse (R), Neutral (N) and Drive (D)

Because you won’t ever have to change gears, there is no clutch. That means one less pedal, so simply a brake and accelerator. In essence, that removes one cumbersome and distracting task that you might usually have to perform.

You’re only going to have to consider whether you want to move forwards, backwards or to stop. Your truck will take care of all the other complicated gear-changing for you.

That may not sound like a star advantage. But, when you’re trying to manoeuvre your Tradie’s 6 pallet truck through a tight space or undertaking a tricky parking manoeuvre, it can make a world of difference.

Another key advantage of driving an automatic vehicle, like a Large Cantilever Pantec truck, is that you can’t stall it. It’s not necessary to select a gear and use the clutch. That means that if you’re driving in heavy traffic or other difficult conditions, an automatic reduces all that potential stress when driving an unfamiliar vehicle.

For longer drives on the open road and for making the whole driving experience as easy as possible, then an automatic truck is the right choice.

A Smoother Driving Experience
Our customers often use the trucks they hire from us to shift large loads from one place to another. There are clearly safety precautions they’ll have to take in order to ensure that their loads are safe and secure.

Nobody wants their items to be moving around while in transit. It’s not good for the cargo and it’s not good for you or the truck. Loads need to have the correct balance within the truck too and drivers should never exceed the recommended weight limit of the truck they’ve hired. This can cause instability when driving.

We’re able to offer a variety of trucks for hire with different lifters and ramps. We can even provide one that has a side door to match all commercial and personal needs.

An Automatic Truck Helps with Stability
The fact is that an automatic transmission helps to mitigate any unwanted movement of cargo on board. That’s because the gear changes are slicker and smoother when carried automatically.

Automatic transmissions are also less likely to fail because the gears shift more smoothly. Manual hire trucks get used by drivers with diverse gear-changing styles making them more prone to problems.

The cost of the technology in the design of automated gearboxes has also been coming down in recent years, and so automatic vehicles are losing their reputation as being pricey to fix.

A Few Top Tips Before You Load Up
We’ve had more than 20 years of experience as a family-owned car and truck business operating in the South East Brisbane area. We love to hear about the experiences our customers tell us they’ve had on the road.

We’re then able to give feedback to our new customers on what works best and what doesn’t. This is particularly useful when it comes to novice truck drivers. Here are a few essentials:

  • Find Your Perspective

Take time to work out where you are sitting on the road. The height and distance from the road may well be very different from your usual vehicle. Check where the ignition, handbrake, mirrors and seat adjustment controls are. Don’t set off until you’re comfortable.

  • Practise Make Perfect

If you’re feeling slightly apprehensive about driving a truck, build in a little time before the job you intend to do for going over some of the basics. That might mean reversing, parking or just manoeuvring through a busy street.

  • Back-Up Slowly!

Reversing is possibly the moment when things are likely to feel most different, so take your time. Your field of vision won’t be exactly the same as it is when you drive a car. Take it slowly so that you get the feel of the truck.

  • Reduce Your Speed

The maximum speed limit means exactly that. You should never feel that you always need to reach it. Take things more slowly than you would when driving your regular vehicle.

Automatic Truck Hire Means Betta Auto Hire
We have a comprehensive range of automatic trucks available to hire in the Redlands area. You only need a regular driver’s licence to hire any of them. Get in touch with us now to find out which is going to suit your Moving Truck Hire needs best. We’ll talk you through the choices so that you drive away with what’s best for you.