It’s not a trick question! There are some places of interest that are so rich and diverse in what they have to offer that there’s never a wrong time to visit. Stradbroke Island is one of them. It’s a “365 days of the year” kind of destination.

Easily accessible from Brisbane with a Stradbroke Island rental car, this natural jewel, known as Minjerribah to its traditional owners, is one of the region’s must-sees.

Read on to find out what’s on offer and when and why you can make sightseeing a whole lot easier with Stradbroke Island car hire.

The Low-Down on the Warmer Months

Summer on Straddie means longer days packed with sunshine, sand and sea. For a truly unique experience, take a dive into the warm, clear waters during the hot months.

Here, you’ll be stepping into the world of gentle giants. That’s because a friendly population of manta rays, found at Manta Bommie, has taken up residence here. You’ll often come across several of them swimming together.

Manta Bommie is a rocky reef and gets consistently ranked as one of Australia’s top 10 dive sites. The reef acts like a sea-life magnet, particularly during the warmer months.

You’re also likely to see shovelnose rays, turtles, leopard sharks and wobbegong sharks. The whole experience feels a little like swimming in your very own aquarium.

Straddie’s Best Beaches

There are plenty of beaches to hang out on too. Main Beach is the longest, running along the eastern coastline and spanning an impressive 38 kilometres.

Popular with family campers, it’s ideal for fishing and boasts great surf breaks. There are 200 unpowered camping plots in 15 different camping areas at the southern end of the beach. Dogs are welcome but you must keep them on a leash at all times.

You’ll find you’ll need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to access some parts of the beach and island. Although Stradbroke Island car hire is a must, please note that vehicles supplied by Betta Auto Hire are not available for 4×4 rental on any beaches.

Marvel at the Dolphins and Pelicans

Amity Point is a little seaside village that boasts stunning sunsets over the bay. Easily reached with your Stradbroke Island rental car, its waters are tranquil and it’s become a firm favourite for dolphin and pelican spotting. There’s plenty of kayaking and fishing too.

Home Beach and Flinders Beach are both popular for swimming. Frenchman’s Beach is a hidden gem backed by steep and densely vegetated bluffs. Although popular with surfies when southerlies are blowing offshore, swimmers should exercise caution as the rip currents can be very dangerous. There is no lifeguard service.

Wherever you wish to go, your best bet is always to do it with a holiday-hire car. Decent roads join up the 3 neighbourhoods of Dunwich, Amity and Point Lookout with no traffic lights in sight.

The Low-Down on the Cooler Months

One of the great bonuses of visiting Straddie is that you can enjoy the water pretty much all year round. You may want to don a wetsuit if you’re planning to dive or snorkel in the coldest winter months.

The island is also less busy off-season and there’s less of a rush on accommodation that also tends to be cheaper during that time of year.

One of the star attractions is being able to watch whales passing by the island between June and October. You’ll be able to witness 100s of pods of humpback whales and their calves parading in the sea from several vantage points dotted around the island.

You’ll also see koalas in the island’s gum trees and kangaroos tend to visit the beaches regularly.

Explore the Island’s Natural Beauty

Hiking is very popular when it’s cooler. This is a top walking location where you can become mindful of nature’s beauty and feel the pressures of city life slowly ebb away as if by magic.

Cycling is popular too, especially in the winter months when the roads are quieter and temperatures cooler. It’s a mere 22km from Dunwich where the car ferries arrive, to Point Lookout. This is the best place for whale-watching.

Point Lookout is also famous for its wonderful surf beaches and the beautiful North Gorge walk. There’s plenty of holiday accommodation as well as shops and restaurants with fabulous views of the Coral Sea. Point Lookout has a great holiday vibe about it.

You may have reached the island with a holiday car rental but you can hire bikes on the island. If you’re cycling, you should expect to find sand if you venture off sealed roads. There are restrictions on some unsealed roads so be sure to observe regulatory notices.

Trails, Lakes and Flowering Heaths

The Goompi Trail is a walk with historical significance that you can take with a local Indigenous guide. You’ll find out about bush tucker, and hunting methods of old and natural medicines.

If you take an early morning or evening stroll along the North Gorge Walk you’re almost bound to spot local kangaroos and wallabies.

Further inland you’ll find the Brown Lake. It takes its name from the tea trees that surround it. They give the clean and clear waters a brownish hue. The waters are one of nature’s skin-soothers set against a magnificent backdrop.

Blue Lake is also one of the island’s must-see hotspots. It has spiritual significance to the Quandamooka people. The still, peaceful waters make it feel extra special. The lake lies inside the Naree Budjong Djara National Park. You can trek along the track to the lake through woodlands, flowering shrubs and stunted eucalypts.

Make the Most of Your Stay with Stradbroke Island Rental Car

Stradbroke Island car hire gives you the independence to enjoy the diversity of activities on offer. Remember your family road trip checklist, pack decent walking shoes, plenty of water and a hat if you’re planning to do any hiking.

The locals want you to enjoy your experience on Stradbroke Island but remember to do as they ask by only leaving your footprints behind. Check out all the Betta Auto Hire holiday-hire car options and get a booking today!

Book your holiday car rental from Betta Auto Hire and make the most of visiting Stradbroke Island.