If ever there was a little all-rounder, it would be the humble tipper truck. The tipper sometimes called a dump truck is built like your standard style truck but has an open box tray or bed at the back, which can tilt with the aid of hydraulics. Read on to discover how Tipper Truck Hire Redlands, really are the real Aussie rippers!

Tipper trucks can support a large amount of material in the back tray and transport it around safely and efficiently. Tipper truck hire Redlands, are easy to use and you only need your standard C class motor vehicle driver’s license to drive one. If you are a little nervous about driving with a trailer attached to your car, particularly when it comes to reversing which can be a challenge even for the most trailer-savvy drive, a nippy little tipper ruck is, for your next project!

If you have landscaped your garden before, you will know that even digging a small amount of garden, produces far more dirt than you realise. Soon, you have a big hole and an even bigger pile of dirt and rocks; and once you have exhausted yourself in the hot sun getting all your unwanted soil into a trailer it’s hard to forget that you’ll need to remove it on the other end too. Let tipper truck hire Redlands do all that hard work for you because with a switch of a button your soil removal problems are solved!

Similarly, when it is time to re-soil, mulch, or create rock beds, tipper truck hire Redlands can easily and neatly offload your materials onto your property with ease, meaning you have saved yourself time and a whole load of effort before you have even started on the garden!
Our tipper trucks are approved for on-site work for commercial projects too, so on those days you may need a tipper truck to remove or transport materials, or even an additional tipper to the one you already have, Betta Auto Hire has you covered.

With a modern fleet, tipper truck hire Redlands have:
• LED safety light
• Battery isolation switch
• Swing away rear gate
• Automatic drive
• Airconditioning

Betta Auto’s tipper truck hire Redlands is the easiest solution for all your moving and transporting needs. What’s more, its compact nature means this truck can easily fit on most driveways and access most residential properties with ease. Our tipper trucks also come with a tow bar that has a 3.5-tonne capacity allowing you the ability to tow any additional machinery or equipment to and from home or the job site in one trip.

So why do we think our tippers are the perfect little all-rounder? Well, just look what they are capable of! You can transport and deliver earth materials, rocks, salt, gravel, sand, and much more. Its towing capacity means your load is even more extended cutting downtime, money, and fuel. Additionally, if you hire it for a weekend or an entire week, you can finally do that clean out you have been meaning to do by getting rid of unwanted items including hard rubbish in the one trip. Or hire one to have on-site all week if there is a large amount of dirt or soil to clear before the next stage of your construction project.

At just $139 per day, tipper truck hire Redlands can cover all your material moving needs effortlessly. But be quick, because our 7-day hire tipper truck special is still running which means you can hire your tipper for only $910 over 7 days – a saving of $293!

Contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Betta Auto Hire now to arrange to hire this little Aussie ripper!