Redlands caged trailer hire is simply a normal trailer with tall sides. They allow you to move most items that you might place on a flat trailer but with more support for taller items and room for loose items like garden waste, rubbish bags and scrap wood. They’re highly durable and built for hauling a wide variety of items, but they’re also surprisingly easy to set up and use.

If you’re getting your property ready to hit the market, caged trailers are one of the best investments you can make. Perhaps they’re too expensive to buy outright if you don’t have long-term use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a caged trailer hire.

Some of the best uses for Redlands trailer hire start before you even list your home for sale. Let’s look at what it takes to successfully sell a home in the area and how a trailer hire can make it faster, easier, and more efficient.

When is the Best Time to Declutter Your Home?

Decluttering should begin before you contact a real estate agent or shortly after. You want prospective buyers to walk into your home and see themselves living there. While you may love your furniture and décor, it could stand in the way of buyers seeing how your home could fit their lifestyles.

Some things you may want to declutter include the following:

  • Old, outdated furniture that doesn’t leave a great first impression
  • Bulky furniture that makes rooms feel smaller or hides features of the room
  • Piles of books, magazines, or papers
  • Any items you know won’t go with you to your new home after the sale
  • Most decorative items hanging on or sitting up against the walls

Decluttering your home will help buyers imagine their own belongings in your home, but the benefits don’t stop there. It will also help when your home is inspected for sale while making it faster and easier to move out of the home when you’re ready to start the next phase of your life in a new property.

Preparing Your Garden for Impressive Curb Appeal

Preparing your home for a sale doesn’t just end with a tidy inside. You need to think about its curb appeal too. Snap some pictures of your garden and lawn from all angles. Stand out on the curb and assess your property from the perspective of a passerby. Do you see wilted flowers, overgrown bushes, and a garden with no colour or sign of life? If so, now is the time to clean it up.

You want people driving or walking by to linger on your property when they see your for-sale sign. Make them do a double-take because your property is so attractive from the street. It’s a great way to stir up curiosity and get more potential buyers to request a tour of your property.

If you’re wondering what a Redlands caged trailer hire has to do with this process, we’re about to fill you in on all the potential uses for a durable, well-maintained caged trailer.

How a Redlands Caged Trailer Hire Can Help

When you’re ready to start preparing your home for a sale, the first thing you should do is check prices and availability for caged trailers in your area. There are so many ways you can use a trailer with protective sides, and you have the option of short- or long-term hires. Pick up a hire for an afternoon or plan to do all the work in a week or two with an extended hire. It depends on your personal strategy for getting your home market-ready.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best ways to prepare your home with a Redlands caged trailer hire.

Removing Outside Debris Quickly

Is your garden in rough shape? Do you want to improve your curb appeal quickly? Pick up a caged trailer, attach it to your vehicle, and start removing the rubbish quickly. The caged design ensures that everything stays securely in the trailer rather than dropping out on the road as you haul it away.

Think beyond trimming bushes and planting pretty blooms when getting your garden in order. You want to haul away any old junk that hides the true beauty of your property. From bags of yard waste to old tyres, birdbaths, and other items, you will find plenty to haul away in your trailer hire.

Adding Statement Pieces to the Garden

Purchasing large, established potted plants is a great way to add some visual interest and make a big impression on your garden. The problem is getting those oversized yet tender plants home and large decorative parts, potting soil, fertilizer, and other items needed to beautify your garden.

Caged trailers are the answer. They give you more room to haul items back to your property, and the sides of the trailer make it easier to strap large items in securely. You don’t have to worry as much about tall stems breaking or items falling off your trailer when you have tall sides.

Cleaning Out Garages and Sheds Efficiently

Ideally, you will empty outdoor buildings and attached garages. You want potential buyers to think of their own uses for those outdoor spaces rather than see how you used the area for storage or your hobbies. Anything that you won’t use before moving should get moved, and a caged trailer hire can help you get that job done quickly.

Moving Fragile or Tall Items from the Home Safely

There are some pieces of furniture that aren’t easily moved in the back of a truck or on a flat trailer. They’re too tall and awkward to move like other items in your home, but they’re perfectly suited to a Redlands caged trailer hire.

When you’re ready to declutter your property, a trailer allows you to move more items in less time. Whether you’re headed to a dump or a storage unit, you can get all items out quickly without worrying that you’ll lose some on the side of the road.

Get More on Each Load When Moving Out

Finally, a Redlands caged trailer hire will allow you to move out quickly once your property is sold. You may also choose to move most items out early to allow staging. That process replaces your own items with items a professional chooses to turn your home into a showroom. The catch is that you need a caged trailer to get your own belongings out before the magic can happen.

Get the Best Deal on Your Redlands Trailer Hire

Are you ready to put Redlands caged trailer hire to work for you and your home? Betta Auto Hire has helped many homeowners just like you for more than 20 years. Our rates are always competitive, and our Redlands trailer hire includes well-maintained caged trailers available for short- or long-term use.

Contact us today to discuss your property decluttering or clean-up project.