Local car hire gives you some advantages over public transportation when travelling around Brisbane. Even if you live here, there are clear perks to hiring a car when you need to go somewhere far from home. It may seem like just another arrangement to make before you hit the road, but it’s one of the best arrangements you will make for trips of any length and distance.

Benefits of Car Hire for Brisbane Visitors
Brisbane is a treasure for travellers from all over the world. Where else are you going to cuddle with a koala at a beautiful sanctuary and then enjoy doughnuts for a snack and a dinner of king prawn or even buffalo? From the peaceful gardens of Mt. Coot-tha to relaxation at a local brewery and night kayaking at Tangalooma on Moreton Island, there’s no end to the adventure.

The only question is how you’re going to get from one place to another and how much freedom you’re going to have in the process. Securing a car hire in Brisbane is your best option for a couple reasons.

Comfort & Convenience
Car Hire For Brisbane allows you to choose from compact cars, mid-size and large sedans, SUVs, and dual cab trucks. Whether you’re looking for affordable car hire with enough space for your family or you just want to travel to Brisbane in style with someone special, you’ll find just what you need at Betta Auto Hire. Our fleet of rentals is well-maintained and ready to hit the road when you arrive.

Hiring a car in Brisbane allows you to travel the fastest and most comfortable route into town. You can then select a vehicle that fits your needs and has a car available around the clock until you’re ready to leave.

It’s the comfort and convenience of private transportation without paying for an uber or taxi and waiting for them to arrive every time you want to go somewhere. When you’re ready to go, hop in your Brisbane Hire Car and hit the road.

What would it cost to get your own vehicle to Brisbane from your home or current location? What would it cost in time to use public transportation, and how many places would you not be able to reach with public transportation?

Answer those questions, and then see how affordable it is to take advantage of services offering car hire in the Redlands. In many cases, securing a vehicle after you arrive is the most cost-effective option. When you add in wear and tear on your own vehicle for the trip, it becomes even more affordable.

Avoid Insurance & Import Nightmares
Is your insurance valid if you wreck your personal vehicle while on holiday in Brisbane? If you live in another country, what will it take to transport your vehicle to Australia? When you go with Car Hire For Brisbane, you don’t have to worry about import approvals, storage charges, insurance dilemmas, and other complicated matters. You can allow your car hire company to ensure you have the proper insurance once you arrive.

Benefits of Car Hire for Brisbane Residents
So, you live in Brisbane or a surrounding area? There are still a few reasons you may want to invest in local car hire services.

  • Choose a Healthier Lifestyle
    Once you own a vehicle, you’re more likely to drive it everywhere. If you don’t, what was the point of buying or leasing it? Unfortunately, driving all the time can take a toll on your health. More people are improving their health and saving a lot of money by using alternative forms of transportation when close to home. Maybe you’ll revive your child-like spirit by taking a bicycle to work. The bikeway network around Brisbane is expanding for a reason. If you live close enough to most venues to walk, then that is an option too. When you need to travel further from home, however, affordable car hire is waiting.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Wear and Tear
    If you do have your own vehicle and don’t intend to give it up for a bicycle or your feet, you may still want to rent a car hire in Brisbane for longer trips. It spares you the wear and tear on your personal vehicle and ensures you have a well-maintained vehicle in excellent condition to get you back home safely. Not to mention, you have the choice of upgrading to a larger vehicle should you decide to include friends or family in your out-of-town adventure!
  • Upgrade Your Vehicle to Make an Impression
    Your rental vehicle can be much nicer than what you drive daily. When you want to make a great impression on clients, dates, or family members coming into town, a car hire in Brisbane is more affordable than upgrading your personal vehicle (and a good opportunity to see if you’d like a bigger car too!).
  • Eliminate Transportation Worries
    Betta Auto Hire can make it all happen. Whether you’re in Brisbane for a weekend or are lucky enough to spend your life here, we have a diverse inventory of car hires to meet your needs. Our vehicles are suitable for family holidays, romantic getaways, or that last-minute solo trips to restore your sanity. Not to mention, they are a great choice when your own car is out of action.

You have a lot to worry about when planning a trip or just making it through the ups and downs of modern life. You don’t want to add transportation issues to the list, and you don’t have to with Betta Auto Hire as we can help you find the right car hire for you.

We take the time to select and maintain the best vehicles for a variety of adventures. We make those vehicles available at affordable prices so that you can enjoy the excitement of Brisbane without stressing over transport. Plus, we can even arrange airport pick up and drop off too!

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming car hire needs. We’re dedicated to getting you around Brisbane in comfort and with peace of mind.