When most people hire a vehicle they usually choose a passenger vehicle or a ute but you shouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of our Redlands commercial van hire! With tons of space and as easy to drive as any ute, our van hire options are perfect for many situations.

When Your Work Vehicle Is Being Repaired

If you are a mobile business that relies on a van or ute then having your vehicle out of commission can be very frustrating. Especially if it is at the workshop for major repairs which could take days!

Luckily our Redlands commercial van hire options allow you to continue working and earning money. With plenty of space for you to place all your tools and equipment in the back, you will have everything you need to travel to your next job.

Moving House

If you don’t have a lot of large furniture hiring a moving van will save you both money and time. There is nothing more frustrating and tiring than endless trips between the home you are moving out of and your new home. At least with a Redlands commercial van hire you have enough space to fit those bulky items and more of your possessions so you cut down on travel time.

Hiring a van makes moving so much easier and less stressful for you and your family while also being affordable. The van will practically pay for itself in the amount of fuel you will save by cutting down your trips between homes, which is a BIG PLUS in many movers’ books!

Luggage Transport For Holidays

Holidays are always something to look forward to but can be a pain if you have a HUGE amount of luggage to take with you. Luckily, besides our luggage trailers, hiring a van can be very beneficial when transporting your goods to the airport. Especially if all your relatives are taking the trip with you!

Our Redlands commercial van hire has a ton of space for even the bulkiest suitcases so you only have to take one trip to the airport and not several. This will give you more time to enjoy going away and having fun with the ones you love!

Transporting Goods

As a general rule commercial vans are excellent at transporting goods. Whether you need to pick up a large item from Bunnings, you’re dropping something off at home or transporting something to a friend’s place a commercial van is the perfect solution!

Utes can get you so far when transporting goods but some items are easier to transport using an enclosed Redlands commercial van hire vehicle. This includes items such as equipment, furniture, appliances and more. Plus, a van will help keep these items out of the rain if the weather turns sour.

If you are planning to transport goods or move then contact us at Betta Auto Hire today about our Redlands commercial van hire options.