Sometimes you need your vehicle to do more than carrying passengers. Whether it’s for your business or getting your home and garden in order, your car or truck will be a lifesaver at times.

But whatever you plan to carry, you need to make sure the load is secured properly if you want to avoid being stopped by the police or worse, causing an accident because your load wasn’t contained.

Here are our expert tips for securing your load properly and the best ways of transporting them.

Decide where your load will go
If you have a truck or vehicle with space to put your load in you can move on to the next section but if you’re like most people, an ordinary car isn’t going to cut it.

If you’re looking for Redlands trailer hire, Betta Auto Hire has a couple of options for transporting loads. Trailers are really useful if you have a messy load, need to make a lot of trips or you’re driving a long distance.

The first option is a caged trailer which is perfect for anything tall or delicate that needs strapping down. Caged trailers are a really cost-effective and versatile way of transporting loads.

The second option is a box trailer, also known as a luggage trailer. These trailers are totally enclosed and can fit in a lot of luggage (or anything else you need to transport).

Think about the last time you went on holiday with all those bags and suitcases stuffed around the kids. You probably came home with more than you left with too. Hiring a box trailer will make your journey a lot more comfortable and make you feel less guilty about holiday shopping!

Make sure your load is secure
Whether you’re looking for Redlands trailer hire or want to secure a load in your own vehicle, there are a couple of ways to do this correctly, depending on the load you’re carrying.

If you have a single item or several solid pieces you’ll need to tie them to your vehicle to stop them from flying out onto the road. For this, you can use a ratchet strap or a rope.

Ratchet strap
A ratchet strap is far more secure than using a rope. Ratchet straps come load rated these days so you can choose the right strap for your needs.

Using a ratchet strap is simply a case of weaving the end into the ratchet assembly, attaching the hook to your vehicle and then pulling the handle up and down to pick up any slack.

To release the ratchet strap you simply push the buckle and the strap releases.

If you’re confident with knots then using a rope works just as well but you’ll need to make sure your knots are secure and that you can undo them when it’s time to unload.

You can use ratchet straps in box trailers to stop smaller loads from moving around or either method in caged trailers where the open sides give you lots of options to secure tricky loads.

Using a tarp
Tarps are ideal for your vehicle or caged trailer when you need to make sure your load doesn’t get wet. But it’s also perfect for throwing in your garden waste before tying it up. Otherwise, you’ll be doing more work than you need to with the cleanup.

Garden waste in particular has a tendency to fly everywhere when transporting it and a tarp will contain leaves, branches and even sand and dirt.

Using a net
If you have long and light items, a net will help prevent your stuff from escaping an open load. Nets give you more flexibility than a tarp but obviously won’t stop the rain from getting in, nor will nets give you as much security if you have to stop suddenly. A heavy load can break through a net.

If you hire a caged trailer, a net will provide additional security, especially for tall items that will stick out of the open top.

Betta Auto Hire
If you need to secure your load and don’t have the right equipment, Betta Auto can supply all the straps, tarps and net you need with your Redlands trailer hire. We’ve thought of everything so you can get on with the job or start your holiday, with everything you need.

Give us a call or jump onto our contact page and we’ll have you all set up to secure and transport your load in no time.