There’s something special about road trip holidays.

That sense of freedom and seeing where the open road takes you can give you an adventure that no other holiday can unless of course, you’re hiking in a jungle in the middle of nowhere.
Of course, road tripping can also be really kind to your wallet meaning you can get away without breaking the bank. All you really need to get started is a direction a destination and a car.
We’ve got 5 road trip travel hacks that can give you the trip of a lifetime without having to splash the cash.

Choose camping over hotels
If you’re exploring the east coast, pack a tent and you’ll save a ton of money. Then you can save your cash for an occasional night at a hotel to freshen up and get some laundry done.
Spending the day on the road and the nights under the stars makes for the ultimate road trip for friends and families and it’s a great way of cutting down costs. Nothing says bonding than a good old fashioned camp out with your buddies.

Bring your own food
Eating every meal in a restaurant will blow your money fast. Chances are you’re going to pass several supermarkets on your trip so take advantage of them to grab breakfast and fresh food for lunch.
Bakeries and local take away shops also offer delicious food at a fraction of the price of restaurants and bars so check them out too. Road trips are about exploring, so why not be adventurous about where you eat too?
If you pack the basics before you head out on the road and get creative with where you buy dinner you can keep your road trip costs relatively low.

Get active!
Sometimes the best thing about a road trip is getting out of the car! If you love being active on holiday, you don’t have to give that up on the road.
When you plan your route, look out for hiking trails, places to swim or even somewhere to go fishing.
Queensland has a plethora of tourism spots, just keep your eye open for the brown and white signs with points of interest you can explore along the way.

Most don’t cost you a thing and these kinds of activities are another way to explore our great country!

Check for specials at your local car hire provider
Road trips start with the perfect car hire and a really great deal will save you money.
Betta Auto Hire has been hiring cars in Brisbane to locals and tourists for over 20 years. We have a wide choice of vehicles at really competitive prices to get you on the road in style and on budget.
We pride ourselves on our first-class service so you can set off on your road trip with confidence in us and our vehicles.

With options from SUVs to people movers, we’ll have the perfect car for your trip which means all travelling together or even a bit of extra room for overnight gear.

Travel in a group
Road trips are made for sharing with your mates, right? A group adventure will make incredible memories and if you can share the costs it will also save you money.
Split the costs of car hire, fuel, food and accommodation with your friends and your road trip costs will lower significantly.

If you thought road tripping was expensive, we hope we’ve given you some ideas about making it really affordable.

If you’re ready to get on the road, head to Betta Auto Hire for your Brisbane car hire.  Most of our business comes from repeat customers because we have a great choice of cars and excellent customer service with deals that save you money.
Brisbane is the perfect starting point for your road trip and we look forward to waving you on your way.