The state borders are now open, and as expected, many people will move to Brisbane from the southern states. But whether your need for relocation is based on personal, family, or professional reasons, the excitement that comes with moving is unprecedented.

Ideally, moving involves a lot of action. There are concerns about what awaits you. But more importantly, the transportation means will be of more concern. While your priority could be to ensure that you, your entourage, and your property are safe, the need to save on costs will also suffice. And that’s why you may need us. At Better Auto Hire, we provide you with moving solutions at excellent prices.

Brisbane Moving Truck Hire
You probably have a car and contemplating loading it with merchandise to move your items. But with the limited car space, you will probably make several runs, which is time-consuming, costly, and cumbersome. And there is the wear and tear associated with that.

We have good news for you! Drive our automatic moving truck and safely and cost-effectively move yourself. We have an array of spacious trucks to help you move anything from household items to office equipment and much more!

Among our most popular automatic moving truck for hire is our tipper trucks, pantech trucks, adaptable Fuso trucks, and tradies pallet trucks. Our trucks have lifters and ramps and some have side doors for easy access. We can also help you by including ratchet straps, attachment ropes, moving blankets, and trolleys too.

Utes and Vans
Our vans will come in handy if you feel that a truck is too big for your transportation needs. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with modern vans and utes that make moving fast, safe, and cost-effective.

At Betta Auto Hire, we have an array of Toyota Hilux 4 x 2 utes that you can hire, load and drive when moving. We also have an Izuzu model for those that prefer the Dmax.

People Movers in Brisbane
It’s not only loads that we carry. We can also help you move people, thanks to our large family car hire service. Our family cars are suitable for moving family members, staff, or passengers safely and comfortably around the Brisbane area.

Our large family cars are ideal for those families or friends looking to take a road trip. Staff members considering travelling together to work parties or training exercises will also find these cars incredible. All our vehicles are spacious and come with all the necessary equipment. A people mover in Brisbane is a beautiful way to keep the mileage of your own car down when you travel to the airport or popular tourist destinations.

Redlands Moving Truck Hire is Easy and Efficient
Many people are sceptical about hiring and driving trucks or cars because they often consider the entire process quite frustrating. For the record, Brisbane moving truck hire is effortless if you choose Betta Auto Hire. The documentation is simple, and the collection procedure is even more efficient.

Collecting your truck or any vehicle from us is pretty straightforward. But we often advise our clients to come early because we will need some time with you. Our passionate and trustworthy team will help you with the paperwork, including your identity and license.

While you do not need any special driver’s license to drive any of our automobiles, we often insist on a full, unrestricted open driver’s license, particularly for those looking to hire any of our trucks. Our professional team will also furnish you with any required information about our vehicles to make sure you drive away with confidence.

Why not contact us today for your Brisbane moving truck hire.