Is moving day fast approaching, and you’re still not sure how you’ll get all your belongings from point A to B? Do you need to move equipment or machinery for your business, but don’t have the right vehicle to do it? Are you looking for a hassle-free, cost-effective moving truck for hire in the Brisbane or Redlands area? Let Betta Truck Hire help you out with our fleet of trucks available to hire, starting at $134 a day!

Betta Auto Hire’s Moving Trucks in Brisbane
Our fleet of moving trucks for hire features a variety of options to make moving day easier, from various lifters and ramps, to a side door for easy access, and even blankets and straps to protect your transported goods. Each truck is fitted with a 1-Tonne cantilever tailgate, which does all the heavy lifting for you. At Redlands Truck Hire, all of our hire trucks have automatic transmission and run on Diesel fuel. The spacious back offers around 24 m3, giving you the perfect amount of space to transport large loads, furniture, or machinery.

Moving Day Made Easy
Taking multiple trips to transport your personal or commercial freight can be time-consuming and costly, and sometimes your cargo won’t even fit in a standard personal vehicle, making it nearly impossible to get the job done. What’s more, finding a decent truck for hire can often be just as time-consuming and expensive, making your difficult job even more stressful.
If you’ve ever found yourself in this predicament, wondering, “Where can I find affordable truck hire near me?” look no further! Let Redlands Truck Hire take the stress out of moving, so you can get where you need to go. Hire one of our moving trucks right from your phone, and get your quote straight away.
You don’t need to worry about the extras, like trolleys, ropes, and other necessary moving accessories, All of these can be hired on request, limiting running extra errands during your busy day.

Are Betta Auto’s Hire Trucks Easy to Use?
Does one of Betta Auto Hire’s Pantec moving trucks sound like exactly what you need? Still aren’t sure if the cantilever lift can carry your desired load, or you worry that the tailgate might be too stressful and difficult to operate? Don’t worry; we can help walk you through all the details of using and operating your hire vehicle, giving you the confidence to load and unload with ease.
The truck lift can carry up to 1 Tonne of freight, lifting it easily from the ground onto the moving truck. So don’t worry if you have a large, heavy item, or a lot of belongings to transport; our moving trucks hire fleet can handle it!

What Does Hiring A Truck Cost With Betta Auto?
The price of Betta cantilever Pantec moving trucks for hire in Brisbane starts at $134 a day! Your quoted price includes G.S.T., administration fees, stamp duty, and insurance. Our Risk Taker insurance covers an excess of $5000, and additional excess reductions are available for added liability coverage. The price to hire our moving trucks includes 100 kms per day, and additional kilometres can be covered for only $0.30 each! Betta Auto Hire’s moving trucks offer excellent value and peace of mind as you move, with no hidden fees or costs.

My moving job took a little longer than usual… can I extend my truck hire?
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Moving day traffic, schedule changes, or finding that you have far more boxes than you originally thought can delay the moving process. If, for whatever reason, you anticipate your moving job taking longer than a day, not a problem. Enquire about our special long-term truck hire rates. Betta Auto Hire is happy to accommodate whatever you need to make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Contact us today!