There are times in life you need to transport more than a car boot’s worth, but not enough for a hire van. Our boxed and caged trailer hire is the perfect solution for your transport needs for times like these. Read on to find out how.

Picture this: your beloved precious child, now a young adult, is ready to go off to Uni or attempt a house share with similar members of his/her species of cyclonic carefree mess monster. So, it’s time for you to reluctantly or joyfully (we’re not here to judge) help pack up their bedroom of belongings and send it off to their new dwelling. It’s a day job, at the most a weekend. They don’t own much at this stage in their gloriously young lives, but you’d rather not take several trips across the city or indeed hire a van or truck to go interstate when it is only partially full. Trailer hire Redlands is your perfect mid-range option to pack your beloveds’ items up and safely secure them ready for transportation. Caged trailer hire Redlands, is particularly ideal for taller items like bed slats and sides that can rest on the side of the cage and be tied down by ratchet straps or more delicate items that can be secured tightly by sliding straps through the cage holes for a custom fit.

Of course, furniture is not the only reason to use caged trailer hire Redlands. With the school holidays fast approaching, your family from upstate or interstate may be arriving for a much-needed break with a handful of (ever-growing) kids in tow. Throw in car seats, prams, endless luggage, a random sun tent contraption, and a port-a-cot; your poor car might not survive the ordeal! A simple trailer hire from Betta Auto will cater for all your family’s extra baggage with ease. So, you don’t have to wait at home by the window for a maxi-taxi to arrive; you can greet your loved ones at the airport with hugs and kisses on arrival, just as you love to do.

Our caged trailer hire are versatile; they can be used for many other situations where additional load transportation is needed. For example, if you decide to finally give the house that huge clean-out you’ve had on your to-do list, a trailer can transport more oversized unwanted items or additional rubbish that won’t fit in your council bin to the tip with ease. Similarly, caged trailer hire Redlands can be the perfect solution for supporting a house move. For example, for premarket staging, you may want to declutter and move some old furniture to storage before photos or have the option to move some household items a few days before settlement to make the transition on the big day a little less stressful.

Similarly, suppose you undergo home renovations and want to pick up a load of gravel, rocks, wood chip, or dirt for a garden project or purchase a bargain second-hand sofa on Gum Tree. In that case, trailer hire is the easiest way to transport goods at short notice in the shortest amount of time.

Caged trailer features include an 8 x 5 ft (2.43m x 1.52m) tray size, a height of 1.05m, a weight capacity of 750kg, and a jockey wheel for stationary support while loading and unloading. For more tips and information on how to operate a towed trailer, you can read our blog on how to load and tow a trailer safely here, or alternatively, we will be happy to talk you through the process in the office or on the phone. Then, all you need is a current driver’s license and a tow bar attached to your car, and you are ready to go!

So whatever your small load needs are, caged trailer hire Redlands are here to support you and get you on your way.

Call us today to discuss hire and how we can help.