There’s no doubt that some tasks require you to hire a professional to get it done. Do you need a root canal, or are you wiring your home with new standards of electricity? Yes, a professional is most definitely the best way to go. No one needs to imagine the horrors of trying to treat your own dental problems all the way down to their source, or the trouble that can ensue when engaging in DIY power circuits. Funny to think about, but definitely no fun in practice if things go wrong!

Other tasks and activities however, can be a bit different. They might require some type of lifting and work, but doing them yourself can potentially save you a lot of time and money in the long run. What falls into this category? Painting your home comes to mind, as does cutting the grass, and cooking your own meals. Moving items around from place to place also counts.

Not sure how to do it? If you don’t have a truck yourself, consider Redlands caged ute hire to get the job done.

Most of us have at least a few items lying around that we don’t really need. After spending long periods of time living in one place these can quickly add up to many things we don’t really need! Decluttering is a great idea as it can provide you with a superb sense of control and release. The one drawback is that the process does leave you with a lot of stuff to get rid of.

Hiring a caged ute, or deciding on caged trailer hire to take that extra stuff to the dump can help you get the job done. Our Redlands caged trailers start at just $35/day. They’re perfect for carrying items that need support walls, weighing up to 750 kg. Take advantage of the flexibility and get the job done, once and for all.

Getting rid of worksite waste
Rubbish can also build up easily and sometimes this happens on a worksite. You could hire someone else to haul it away, but why bother? Using Redlands caged ute hire, transport the waste to the dump yourself easily and pay half the price. Just back up the ute to the waste bin and activate the tipping function.

Do you have more to haul than you can fit in the cage? You also have access to a towbar with our caged utes. This can allow you to tow up to 750 additional kilograms, allowing you to move even more. This type of vehicle hire is available to those aged 25 to 80 years.

Hauling furniture
You bought it online and now you have to pick it up. How are you going to fit your new couch, table, and bookcases into one single hatchback? There’s a simple answer to that: you don’t!

A caged ute or trailer provides the perfect way to transport large household items from point A to point B. Avoid all the fuss and hire our vehicles for as short a time as half a day, and get up to 150 free kilometers. Extra kilometers are just $0.22 each, and rental fees include G.S.T., administration fees, stamp duty, and insurance.

For the best in Brisbane caged ute hire, contact Betta Auto Hire. We have what you need and much more! When it comes to move it yourself caged utes and move it yourself caged trailers, we outdo the competition. We’ll beat any written quote so contact us today to learn more about our hiring options and get the work done yourself.