Australians love to travel. Last year we took over 117 million domestic trips, spending more than $70 billion on day trips alone! However, the novel coronavirus and its subsequent halt on society has drastically affected the tourism industry. The nationwide ban on non-essential travel has wreaked havoc on our economy and local businesses. Now, more than ever, we need to rally behind and support our fellow Australians.

It’s been a long few months of uncertainty, but we’ve worked hard and done our part to flatten the curve. Now, we’re being rewarded for our efforts, with restrictions slowly lifting as the virus finds itself affecting fewer and fewer people. It seems that sooner rather than later, we will find ourselves able to travel for leisure. And, as the light at the end of the tunnel glows slowly brighter, the easing of lockdown restrictions means that travelling domestically is nearly within reach. That means vacations are closer than ever! And what better place to vacation than your own backyard?

Australia’s vast landscapes provide endless opportunities to explore the open road and discover the many wonders of our sunburnt country. It is critical that we take our annual leave this year for a holiday that supports our local Australians, businesses and the tourism industry. Local economies are still reeling from the impacts of the early year bushfires on top of coronavirus, so day trips and local travel that positively affects those who have suffered is what the Australian spirit is all about.

Utilising a rental car to go road-tripping is a great way to adventure across the sunny coast of Queensland or inland toward the Hinterland and mountainous landscapes. Indulge in all that Queensland has to offer with a rental car that will take you to some of the hidden wonders South East Queensland has to offer!

With Queensland being Australia’s second-largest state, there is plenty to see and explore once the travel bans are lifted! Hire an SUV for an epic road trip full of family fun that will allow you to see the beautiful landscape right in our backyard. Or grab a Ute and discover some of the local campsites and vacation hotspots around Brisbane and the Gold Coast with enough space for the family and all your home-away-from-home equipment!

Here are just two of our favourite road trip itineraries that are perfect for the whole family!

  1. Take a short trip to Cleveland and jump on the ferry to Straddie!

Meander through tropical coastland and adventure amongst pristine waterways, sun-bleached beaches and the majestic landscape of Stradbroke Island with a scenic drive that highlights all the best Queensland’s coast has to offer. With a hire car or people mover, you will have as much space as you need for the whole family plus your luggage that can be supported by our optional roof racks.

Once you are on the island there is nothing stopping you from driving to the local hotspots where you will see marvellous views and the abundant wildlife native to South East Queensland, including our famous humpback whales if you’re lucky! Let your rental car do all the hard work as you take in the surrounding natural beauty along the roads of one of the most magical islands in our local area.

  1. Plan a trip down the Gold Coast for some holiday fun

It’s a long drive, but with the right rental car, it’s as easy and breezy as a sun-kissed Australian beach. There are few better ways to explore your backyard than adventuring down in the Gold Coast region. Head down to the many beaches along the way to Surfers Paradise and stop by Mount Tamborine for unmissable opportunities to enjoy yourself in the Gold Coast Hinterland whilst supporting local tourism businesses.

Go whale watching with a tour group and watch the majestic humpbacks make their way from Australia to Antarctica. Or take a trip to the local wineries and restaurants for a taste of the local cuisine that will make your mouth water. Then, if you want to stay the night duck into one of the many luxury hotels the Gold Coast has to offer.

For more information on choosing a rental car for your South East Queensland road trip, contact us at Betta Auto Hire to discuss all of your options. We’re only more than happy to help and appreciate your support of local Australian businesses.