Ask around, and the chances are that one of your friends will have a side hustle. The number of Australians who have more than one job has never been higher.

The use of the term “side hustle” only took off relatively recently. New opportunities created by digital technology and a rise in inflation have spurred a new generation in search of innovative sources of income.

If you’re toying with the idea, read on to learn how hiring a ute or Brisbane truck hire could be the start of a lucrative new venture.

How To Get Started

Ute hire is the key that’s going to open up new opportunities. Hiring a ute is risk-free because there’s no significant capital outlay. It’s a useful way to test the water and see if you enjoy the work it’ll generate.

The process of hiring a ute is pretty straightforward. All you’re likely to need is a clean driver’s license and a credit card. What matters is choosing the size of the ute or truck that best fits the services you plan to carry out to earn that extra bit of cash.

The world is your oyster. Almost everyone is online, and almost everyone wants to get something moved from A to B at some point. Utes are ideal for:

  • Smaller types of delivery or pick-up jobs
  • Tip runs for taking garden rubbish or broken white goods to the local dump
  • Food or grocery deliveries

Brisbane truck hire may be a better option if you’re planning bigger jobs such as house moves, bigger regular deliveries or if you fancy contracting your services out as an on-demand delivery driver.

Whichever type of ute or truck you decide is right for you, Betta Auto Hire can help. Check out the whole fleet via our website.

Exploring All the Exciting Income Opportunities

Hiring a ute or truck is clearly essential, but so is being able to tap into all those business opportunities that are out there waiting for you. It’s all about connections, and digital technology allows you to cut to the chase without having to schmooze too much.

Here are some ideas:

Ask Tasker is an online platform that connects those who want a job done with others who are up for doing it. Typical assignments include furniture assembly, deliveries and home cleaning.

Gumtree has a jobs section full of delivery job opportunities. Facebook has plenty of local and national groups, such as its “Driver Jobs Australia” group, as well as lots of community groups.

It’s well worth writing up a concise paragraph about your services to help tap into what’s available locally. Local jobs will save you time and fuel. Your description should include:

  • The type of work you’re offering to do
  • The catchment area that you cover
  • Your name and contact details

Getting your name out there as a service provider allows you to jump at opportunities when they come up. Once you’re up and running, you can include links to reviews you receive.

The popularity of Facebook Marketplace is proof enough of the popularity of buying and selling used or new items. That comes with a high demand for pickup and delivery services.

Yard cleanups are also an in-demand service. Some might involve doing the hard physical labour yourself as well as picking up and disposing of garden and household waste. It’s up to you what you take on, so you might only decide to remove waste if that’s what you prefer. With ute hire, you’re your own boss.

When people have clearouts, there always tend to be items they can’t fit into their cars to dispose of. It’s another helpful service that you could provide when hiring a ute.

Hiring a truck or ute also opens opportunities to contract yourself as a courier. Check out Go People. This is an excellent example of a website that allows you to connect with customers looking for same-day deliveries. You can take on as much as you like and at times that suits you.

How to Maximise Your Earnings

It never hurts to connect with someone already doing the type of side hustle you have your sights on. They’ll share valuable insights, and you can ask them about aspects of the work you’re unclear about.

There are three critical strategies for success:

  • Make sure you price your services competitively
  • Put the customer first and at the heart of everything you do
  • Build up a reputation that other service providers will envy

Factor in the cost of fuel, insurance and other expenses when pitching your prices. Offer flexible pricing options, like hourly rates or fixed prices for specific services.

A pile of great reviews is the secret to promoting your services. Potential customers like to see evidence of reliability and good value for money. Don’t be afraid to hustle for reviews, especially from your first customers. Most people will want to help when they know you’re just starting out.

How to Market Your Bespoke Ute Services

There’s no question that you’re going to need a social media strategy to market your services. In the first instance, this is likely to get you far more instant exposure than your own website.

Create social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram to promote your business and engage with potential clients. You could run social media ads and offer special promotions to attract new clients. Post on local community boards and Facebook marketplace.

Your marketing strategy should include offline options. Consider:

  • Advertising in local newspapers
  • Distributing flyers and business cards
  • Offering referral incentives

Use your own social network of family, friends and previous customers to generate word-of-mouth referrals. They’re the holy grail as they require the least marketing effort and a great review is usually a given!

The Best Ute and Brisbane Truck Hire

Betta Auto Hire can help you get on the road to a whole new income source. Hiring a ute is straightforward, and ute hire is an excellent way to try your hand at a new and enjoyable venture that’ll generate cash.

Check out the range of utes and trucks we have available, and book yours today!