When engaging with a trailer hire and hitching it to your vehicle, there is a whole new dimension added to your driving and more things that you need to be aware of. These include avoiding situations such as rolling or jackknifing the trailer. Loading it correctly is also important to prevent unnecessary strain on yourself and the trailer. 

Loading a trailer 

When utilising a trailer hire and loading, you should always be mindful of heavy lifting. Ensure you keep your back straight and bend your legs to lift a heavy object. If it is too much get help. Never load the trailer more than the specified capacity, as this can be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

Always load heavier items at the front of the trailer closest to the car, since this is the strongest point. If it is specified otherwise then follow the instructions given. Always make sure your load is secure to prevent the trailer from swaying or damage being done to it from heavy items. 

Towing a trailer 

When it comes to trailer hire, knowing how to tow is crucial as they have their own set of difficulties on the road. The most important thing to remember is to not let it sway or jackknife. Swaying occurs when you have accelerated too fast or have an uneven load. This can cause the trailer to roll, damage your car or worse. Jackknifing occurs when the trailer hire is put into a position where it is approximately on a 90-degree angle to your car. This can be a difficult position to get out of and is dangerous on the road. If you start experiencing this pull forward to straighten the trailer.

Leave extra time and distance so you can stop with a trailer safely. The load will push against your car forcing it forward when breaking so it is important to be extra mindful. If you start to sway just let your foot off the gas. Never accelerate hard or slam on the brakes with a trailer!

Make sure you use a lower gear going uphill as well as down. You need to get as much power as you can when going uphill with a trailer but you also need to control your descent too. Going slower and in a lower gear will help you achieve this downhill. 

Parking with a trailer 

The best place to park a trailer is where you can just pull forward to get back on the road. Avoid backing in and out of car spaces if you can. Pulling in and out is the easiest way. Be mindful that some car parks will not allow trailers so make sure you read the signs.

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