As you start planning your family holiday in Brisbane, transportation might be at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re coming from Perth, Adelaide, or somewhere further afield, hiring a car when you get to Brisbane might be the best option!

Wondering how much to budget for when hiring a car for your family holiday? Then keep reading to find out!

Brisbane Car Hire Is Cheaper Than You Think
If you’re thinking of relying on public transport then you’ll need to factor in the time it takes to get to the bus station or train along with the cost of your tickets. If you’re thinking of booking an Uber or taxi whilst you’re away it will quickly become quite an expensive way of commuting. Plus all of these options will limit your freedom when it comes to exploring the places you want to visit.

However, if you decide to hire a vehicle through Betta Auto Hire, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll have the freedom to travel when you want and where you want. If your family holiday consists of four passengers, then a large sedan may be a nice option. We offer a Toyota Camry for as little as $46 per day! This affordable option means you could spend just under $250 on transportation for five whole days!

Got a larger tribe? Well, we’ve got you covered! Our 5-Seater SUV starts at $56 per day! This means that for a seven-day trip, you could transport a family of five for as little as $400! This comfortable option is spacious enough not only for your entire family but also for their luggage! Plus you’ll have the freedom to come and go as you please.

As you can see, our pricing is so affordable we’re confident it will beat any Uber or taxi fare!

Avoid Worries About Servicing Your Vehicle
If you’re planning a long road trip, often there is added expenses before you even get going. For example, your car may need new tires or a wheel alliance, your brakes may need re-doing or your transmission may need a service. Plus a general service will mean taking time out of your busy schedule to drop your car off at the mechanics. You’ll then need to spend additional money repairing any problems and for the service itself.
However, when you decide to hire a vehicle from Betta Auto Hire in Brisbane, you won’t have to worry about any of this! All of our hire cars are regularly serviced and maintained in perfect working order, so all you’ll have to do is pick one up and be on your way!

Many Vehicles To Choose From
Although you may genuinely love your car at home, it may not be the best or practical choice for a long-haul road trip. Road trips require you to factor in the extra time it takes to get to your destination, an aspect not everyone can afford. However, if you take a flight you can be at your destination in a matter of a few hours instead of a few days. Therefore, hiring a car really will allow you to begin your holiday much earlier!

At Brisbane Betta Auto Hire, we have a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from including family-sized sedans, 5-seater SUVs to our larger 7-passenger SUV. This allows you to choose the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and budget. We’ll even help you out with baby seats and a GPS should you need them.

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As you can see, hiring a car when you’re in Brisbane really is the cheapest and best use of your holiday time.
At Betta Auto Hire we’ve been helping locals, and tourists, get the most out of their holidays for over 20 years. We understand that family vacations require budgeting, so we always offer competitive rates and an extensive range of vehicle options. That way, you are getting the best price and only paying for what you need!

Customer service is our top priority, and we strive to provide the best experience so that you can enjoy your travels.

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