When hiring a car from a car hire company there are multiple things you need to consider before you get on the road including insurance. It can be hard to know what type of insurance you need, whether you are getting a good deal or if it is cheaper to go without it. Well, here is a bit of information to get you started!

Is insurance compulsory when you hire a car?

Depending on the car hire company you hire from you may need to take out some form of insurance though, in most cases, the insurance is optional. You either have the choice of insuring the hire car through the car hire company or you may want to choose your own.

In either case, having insurance during your car hire period can give you peace of mind as well as fewer headaches down the track if something happens. You don’t want to end your holiday owing thousands of dollars in repairs.

Does my current car/ travel insurance cover me when I hire a car?

Depending on your situation your current car insurance may or may not cover the use of a hire car. If you are just taking a hire car on holiday then your car insurance will not cover it as it only covers your specific vehicle that you privately own. It doesn’t transfer over if you hop into a new car, including a rental.

If your own personal vehicle has been in an accident and your insurance company has provided you with a hire car it is most likely that they will cover it while you have it in your possession. Make sure you check with your insurance company to see if this is part of your policy.

If you have come from another country and you are hiring a car then your travel insurance may include car hire insurance. Double-check your policy to see if this is included. If it is then let your car hire company know when you book.

Is it cheaper to go without insurance when I hire a car?

Going without insurance when you hire a car may seem cheaper at first but if you end up in an accident your excess and the cost of repairs can cost you thousands. So in the long run it is actually more expensive to go without insurance when you hire.

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