So, you think a truck is just a truck, right? Well, not quite. They’re a bit like people, coming in all different shapes and sizes with varying degrees of special features.

That makes it something of an art form of hiring a truck and getting it right from the outset.

So, fasten your seat belts as we steer you through the world of Brisbane truck hire. Soon, you’ll be well on the road to hiring a truck that’s going to best suit your needs.

What Do You Need Your Hire Truck For?

All successful projects start with a plan. When you hire a truck, you need to be sure that your driver’s licence allows you to operate the truck you hire. You must also determine the size, shape and weight of the load.

If you’re using the truck to move house, for example, do not rely on sight alone and a quick scan of the sofa to work out if it’ll fit in your truck. Arm yourself with a tape measure and check all items carefully against the truck specs.

The same principle applies to weight, which also comes with added risk. It is extremely dangerous to exceed the weight limit of any vehicle. Should you have an accident, the excess weight could invalidate your insurance.

Your next consideration should be the terrain and environment where you plan to use your truck. Are the road surfaces appropriate for your truck, for instance? If you’re unsure, talk it through with your supplier.

Finally, work out whether you are going to need extra features such as a tilt tray, a hydraulic lifter or a trailer. These extras can turn a tricky project into one that’s smoother and faster. To help you decide your Brisbane truck hire, here are three that Betta Auto Hire supplies:

Pantec Truck Hire

These trucks have an inside space of over 22 cubic metres, which makes them ideal for moving house or transporting furniture. There are more than 2 metres of height available, and the rear doors are wide, enclosing your items securely in the load space.

There’s an easy-to-operate tuckaway tailgate lifter that makes loading heavy or bulky items such as fridges or armchairs a breeze. Betta Auto Hire has produced a short video that you can download to your smartphone and explains how to operate the tailgate lifter.

When you rent from Betta Auto Hire, you’ll be hiring a Pantec truck that is in great condition and competitively priced from a local, reputable supplier. The driver’s cabin is air-conditioned, and Bluetooth connectivity is available, too. You can drive these trucks with a regular driver’s licence.

6-Pallet Truck Hire

When hiring a truck, it’s hard to go past our open tray-backed trucks that are ideal for tradies. Even though our trucks have a rating of up to 4.49 tonnes GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) and a 1.5-tonne payload capability, you can still drive them on a regular driver’s licence.

These automatic trucks feature a three-rack system. They are a great option for busy tradies who need an alternative while theirs is undergoing a service and getting fixed.

The rear tray has a no-frills design and measures more than 4.5 metres in length. It can carry loads up to three metres high and is 2.37 metres wide. This vehicle boasts the truck body of choice for builders and other tradies who need to transport a lot of equipment and materials to their job sites.

The separate driver’s cabin has space for 2 passengers and comes with air conditioning as standard.

Tipper Truck Hire

These are our big boys! They’re ideal for construction sites, farmers who need to move earth and materials around their land or anyone at home who wants to offload gravel or sand.

The tipper truck’s design makes it ideal for carrying heavy loads under challenging conditions. Its larger size reduces the need for several journeys to carry construction materials compared to using a ute or trailer.

The hydraulic lifts and tilting capability make unloading earth or waste extremely easy. You can empty a load quickly, allowing you to return to your worksite with more time to finish your project.

Ideal for Shifting a Wide Range of Materials

Because of their design, tipper trucks distribute weight evenly so that they can safely haul different kinds of materials across a variety of terrains. Our customers have used them to move large quantities of sand, dirt, turf, wood chips and asphalt.

Tipper trucks have helped with the completion of landscaping and major construction projects. They are user-friendly, compact, sturdy and simple to manoeuvre. They also make navigating busy streets or narrow driveways very straightforward. Hiring tipper trucks is a great choice for use on building sites when project managers may only need one for a few days.

Our automatic, airconditioned tipper trucks come with a towbar rated up to 3.5 tonnes, a flashing safety light to boost visibility and an isolation switch for the battery. They also have a swing-away rear gate, are more than 3 metres long, almost 2 metres wide and 3.7 metres in height.

Betta Auto Hire has produced a handy video that demonstrates how the tipper truck operates when unloading gravel for use on a pathway.

Making the Right Choice

The most successful tasks, no matter how small, always start with a well-thought-through strategy.

So, whether you’re hiring a truck to help a friend move or to shift big loads of materials on a building site, it pays to do your homework. That way, you’ll hire a truck that’s most appropriate for the job.

If you need help or advice about your Brisbane truck hire, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of the friendly vehicle experts at Betta Auto Hire. Whatever you need to hire a truck for, the team will likely be able to offer valuable insights gleaned from years of experience in the truck hire business.