It’s summer and the perfect time to hit the road for a vacation in Australia. In 2019, approximately 9.4 million tourists visited the country from abroad and 2022 will bring even more!

Whether you’re coming to the country from abroad and planning to tour around, or an inter a local, there are many factors to keep in mind when searching for automatic car hire. From comfort features, to safety, size, and economy, you want the best vehicle to match your needs.

Go for Comfort
No one wants to drive around for hours in a car that makes them feel uncomfortable. If you’re touring around with kids, luggage, and vacation accessories like camping or beach equipment, you want to make sure there’s enough wiggle room for everyone. Size matters!

Small Cars
At Betta Auto Hire, our Toyota Yaris offers a small auto hatch option for holiday car hire. If there’s just the two of you, or you need a set of wheels to get around by yourself on vacation, this car is an ideal option.

Named European Car of the Year in 2021, the Yaris is our most affordable car per day. Perfect for city driving, small parking spots, and anyone who needs some extra room but doesn’t require upgrading to a larger car.

Mid-Size Cars
Ideal for smaller families and couples with larger amounts of luggage, our Toyota Corolla midsize sedan offers the best in Brisbane automatic car hire. A spacious boot, room to move inside, and space to seat 5 passengers all contribute towards a comfortable ride.

Families with small children love this car for its comfort, functionality, and affordability. Looking for a little more power than the Corolla offers? We also have the Toyota Camry Altise for hire, which offers similar creature comforts.

For a little more space ( but not too much), consider our Nissan X-Trail 5 seater SUV. Complete with roof racks for extra luggage or surfboards, rear seats that fold down, 5 passenger seats, bluetooth hands-free technology, and air conditioning, this is an ideal car for a family of four.

Large Cars
Does your group contain five or more people? A larger car is the ticket. At Betta Auto Hire we offer multiple options. The Toyota Fortuner is a large 7-seater SUV that comes with air conditioning, bluetooth technology, and a convenient 2.8 tonne towing capacity. The extra room allows for a spacious experience, including plenty of leg, elbow, and head room.

Going even further, our Hyundai iMax seats 8 and is ideal for large families and groups. As Australia’s award-winning best people mover for 5 consecutive years, it promises not to disappoint.

Differences  Between Australian and North American Cars
Keep in mind that Australian cars are generally smaller than those in North America (if you’re visiting) . This means the boot (trunk) space can also be more constricted. If you have plenty of luggage, it’s a good idea to choose a car that offers more seating than the number of people in your party, so you can accommodate everything and everybody comfortably.

Safety When Travelling Long Distances
All of our cars come with automatic transmissions, and the driver’s seat is on the right. Having GPS technology on your smartphone can be integral to staying safe when travelling away from Australia’s city centres. Remember to keep in mind that remote areas won’t necessarily offer internet coverage, so go prepared. It’s also important to know that most Australian states and territories will allow visiting drivers to use their overseas licence, so long as it’s current and up-to-date. To hire a car with Betta Auto Hire you must be between 25 and 80 years of age.

Betta Auto Hire has been in operation for over 20 years in the Brisbane area and we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and products. Our competitive rates and knowledgeable staff are here to help you get the most out of your vacation. For Brisbane SUV hire, or car rental contact us today! We have the car to match your needs.