Rental cars come in handy when you need to travel near or far, whether on your own or with company. They’re great for a variety of purposes from business to adventuring.

Price, fuel consumption, and availability are the most common factors considered when choosing a rental car. However, size is a crucial yet overlooked factor that you should also consider before making your choice.

Car rental companies use different terms for various vehicle types instead of models. This can be confusing if you’re used to thinking in terms of specific models. However, choosing a rental car is about classifications according to size and other factors rather than models.

This article will help you identify the most suitable car for your needs using a few practical tips.

Define the Purpose for Your Rental Car
Rental companies have cars for all your needs, but you need to be specific to get the most suitable one for you at that time.

A small car is the best when traversing a city or driving for short distances with just one or two companions. Small vehicles are easy to manoeuvre through a city’s busy streets and simple to park. They are economical on fuel but don’t have much space for luggage.

However, when setting out for a long journey with off-road sections or heading into rural areas, a larger car with a higher capacity engine and more ground clearance is safer and more suitable. Betta Auto offers small car rental options in Brisbane, SUV car hire & People Movers at Redlands Car Hire.

The age of your companions can also affect the size of the car you need. For instance, if you have small kids, you’ll need a spacious car that will accommodate their car seats and the extra luggage that kids need.

Choosing the right type of car
Here’s a classification of vehicles with various capacities to help you refine your choice.

Small cars/mini/compact cars can usually accommodate two grown-ups and two pieces of handheld luggage/bags. Many small cars have two doors and little leg room, but Betta’s Toyota Yaris, a small auto hatch, is different. It is a 5-door hatch automatic car with five seats, giving you space for additional companions and suitcases.

Standard car/intermediate/mid-size cars carry up to five people and have adequate space for everyone’s suitcases and luggage. They are convenient for families travelling long distances. They include a Toyota Corolla- a medium sedan. It’s a 4-door automatic sedan with five seats.

Full-size/premium cars fit five individuals, each with two suitcases and two bags. They have four doors and five seats. The Toyota Camry Altise is a great example of a full-size car.

SUV car hire can carry up to seven people and have ample legroom. They are suitable for long journeys and navigating through rural areas. Brisbane SUV rental offers vehicles with five spacious seats, for instance, Nissan X-Trail 5 seater, while others have seven seats, such as the Nissan X-Trail 7 seat and the Toyota Fortuner.

People movers are vehicles with eight seats and more. They are excellent for big families or group trips. Examples are the Hyundai iMax (8-seater) and Toyota Hiace (12-seater).

Important Tips to Remember Before Deciding on a Model
To help you choose which rental car will best suit your needs for the trip, keep these factors in mind.

Determine the Number of People Travelling with You
The size of the car to hire also depends on the number of individuals you’re taking with you. A large family or group may require a people mover, but a small car will be adequate when travelling with a few individuals.

It is not ideal to hire a large car for a few people. This is because a big car is not easy to manoeuvre and costs more.

Make a Budget before Hiring
Different cars are rented out at different prices. You might have to forgo your desired car if it exceeds your budget and rather pick one that falls within it. However, cost alone shouldn’t dictate your choice. You should prioritize the purpose for the rental car and the number of passengers.

All cars come in two options – manual or automatic. Manual cars are usually cheaper to hire than automatics.

It is also good to consider each car’s fuel efficiency. Bigger, more powerful vehicles are usually less fuel-efficient than small cars.

Renting a Car
Finding the right size of rental car depends on two major factors – the purpose of the car and the number of companions travelling with you. The third point – budget – is a flexible factor that should be considered after the first two.

Whether you’re organising a business trip, family tour, or group excursion, you can hire any car including our SUV car hire right here! Contact us for more information.