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Betta Auto Hire have been hiring vehicles across Brisbane for more than 20 Years!

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How can I book a vehicle?

Just simply fill out our Booking form and we will send you a booking confirmation within 24 hours depending on availability, or you can call on (07) 3821 1622 during office hours to discuss your options.

Can I use Apple Pay or Google Pay?

No, you will need your Physical Visa/ MasterCard in your name.

Can I use someone else's credit card?

Yes, however that person will need to be present and have their Physical drivers licence (not a photo) and Physical Visa / MasterCard Credit or debit card on them. They will also need to become the main hirer for the vehicle, and you will become an additional driver.

If you live outside of the Redlands, you will also need to provide a utility bill that is no older than 3 months and matches your name and your licence.

What do I need to hire a vehicle?

You will need to have your open unrestricted drivers licence in Physical form (not a photo), a Visa / MasterCard credit or debit card in your name (not apply pay) and be between the ages of 25 – 80 Years of age.

If you live outside of the Redlands, you will also need to provide a utility bill that is no older than 3 months and matches your name and your licence.

What if I am unsure how long I will need to hire for?

That is fine, we often have customers who have their car getting fixed and are unsure how long it might take to fix. The best thing we can do is keep in communication with each other on when it may be ready. We generally have no issues extending to except in peak periods, however our staff try and block out the vehicle for you if you inform us that you may extend.


Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm
Sunday: 8:30am – 11:30am

Where are we located?

Our main office is at 217 Bloomfield st, Cleveland. We do also have an off-Airport location please have a look HERE for more information.

How does Brisbane Airport car hire work?

We utilise Andrews Airport Parking at 539 Nudge rd Hendra, Please visit Brisbane Airport Car hire for more information.

Do I have to pay when I book the vehicle?

No, we process the payment when you come and collect the vehicle, the only exception to this is truck weekend bookings we get a $50 holding deposit and peak periods when we collect a non-refundable deposit on bookings.If your booking is at the Brisbane Airport, please have a look at Brisbane Airport Car hire for more information.

What if I return the vehicle early?

We do require 24 hours notice to give you a refund on the days for early returns, depending on the length of hire your daily rate might revert to a higher daily rate.

What are your payment options?

The bond must be paid on a Credit card or Debit Card when you pick up your hire vehicle, and the card holder must be present with their licence. The vehicle hire can be paid for in cash or card.

Please check with our staff if you have any queries about payment.

Is a Bond / Deposit required?

Yes. This amount depends on the insurance excess option chosen.
(Credit Card owners must be present with their licence).

Trucks and 12 seaters:
Platinum Cover: $500 on a Visa or Mastercard
Stress Free Cover: $500 on a Visa or Mastercard
Risk Taker Cover: $2500 Pre-authorisation on a Visa or Mastercard

Cars, Vans, Utes:
Platinum Cover: $500 on a Visa or Mastercard
Stress Free Cover: $500 on a Visa or Mastercard
Risk Taker Cover: $1000 Pre-authorisation on a Visa or Mastercard

$100 (There is no insurance offered with trailers as they are to be covered by the insurance of the vehicle towing the trailer)

How long does it take for my deposit to be refunded?

We often refund/cancel the preauthorisation bond as soon as you return the vehicle providing the vehicle has been returned full of fuel, no damage, and no cleaning fees.

Please be aware that the bank processing time can take 3-5 Business days for your refund to appear in your account, and if your bond was a pre-authorisation it can take up to 10 business days.

What about Insurance?

All our vehicles are insured, and they do come with a standard excess amount. Each vehicle will have the option to reduce the amount of excess you’re happy with when you’re booking. If you go onto the booking module and put in the dates you require it will give you the 3 different prices with the excess options attached Booking form, Alternatively if you call our office on 3821 1622 during business hours we will be happy to give you a quote over the phone.

Who can drive the Vehicle?

Only the Hirer and Authorised drivers who have presented and signed the agreement are authorised to drive the vehicle. You can have up to 4 drivers in total.

Does it cost anything extra for additional drivers?

No, we do not charge for additional drivers. You can have up to 4 drivers in total.

Can I drop off my rental car afterhours?

Yes, at our Cleveland branch we have an after hours drop box, please be aware that you’re still responsible for the vehicle until we check in the vehicle the next day.

How many kilometres do I get with my hire?

All Vehicles have a daily km’s included rate, this is calculated by the number of days you have rented the vehicle for in total.

Cars: 200km/day, $0.22 per excess kilometre
Utes: 150km/day, $0.22 per excess kilometre
Trucks: 100km/day, $0.30 per excess kilometre

What do I do if I'm involved in an accident?

There is a QR code on the top left of your windscreen which will take you to an accident report form. There you will collect all Drivers licence details and upload photos from the accident. It is important to make sure before you leave the scene that you have the other persons drivers licence details and photos of the accident. If police were required you will need to provide us with the Police reference number as well.

Call the office 3821 1622 at your earliest convenience so we can discuss what has happened as every incident is different depending on the severity of the crash.

Where can I take my hire vehicle?

The rental area for our vehicles is limited to the South-East Queensland tourist areas. These include the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Toowoomba areas, or any other area within 300km of the Brisbane City Centre. With prior approval, executive vehicles, tourist vehicles, and people-movers ONLY may be used outside the 300km area.

Vehicles are restricted to sealed roads only. Vehicles must not be submerged in water or come in contact with salt water.

Driving at night in country areas is strongly discouraged to avoid animal damage.

Our vehicles are the preferred hire vehicles to use on North Stradbroke Island, and unlike other hire companies you are covered for insurance on the vehicle ferry to the island.

What about fuel?

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. The vehicles must either be returned with a full tank or fuel or the renter will be chard a $20 re-fuelling fee plus the cost of the fuel. All fuel costs are the hirer’s responsibility and you must return the vehicle with a fuel receipt.

What about tolls that I use?

Each vehicle is fitted with an E-tag and we would generally take it out of the bond when you come back, unless you’re an using excess amount of tolls then we would charge off your card as you go. To accommodate for administration charges, we round up the tolls to the nearest $0.50.

Do you hire cars with a towbar?

Yes, we do have vehicles that are able to tow up to 3 Tonne, however we do have a limit on what weight you’re allowed to tow behind on certain vehicles so please have the weight of the trailer so we can guide you on what vehicle will be best for you.

Can I drive a truck with a car licence?

Yes, we have our Pantec trucks which have been de-rated to 4.49T GVM so that you’re allowed to drive them on your car licence. If you’ve never driven a truck before, don’t worry our staff will run you through the truck and make sure you’re comfortable before leaving.

Am I insured to go to Stradbroke Island?

Yes, we will fully insure you for the ferry and while you’re on Stradbroke Island. Our normal Terms and conditions still do apply, and you’re only allowed to drive on sealed road.

Can I hire your Vehicles to go 4WDing?

No, we do not allow our vehicles to go 4wding.

Do you have automatic vehicles?

Yes! Our entire fleet is automatic so everybody can utilise them.

Do you have age restrictions on hires?

Yes, you must be between 25 – 80 Years old to hire our rentals vehicles.

Some Notes On Our Trucks

Our 3-tonne rental trucks can hold on average 22m³.  That is equivalent to an average 3-bedroom home. Our rental trucks are taller than a car, beware of trees, low bridges, awnings etc.
They do require more room to manoeuvre, take it slow and be sure to use the side mirrors in cramped situations.
The lift on the Cantilever Trucks can carry a tonne. It is useful to lift heavy items as commercial ovens or fridges, vending machines, motorbikes, toolboxes.
All Betta Auto Hire trucks are fitted with a hydraulic lift.  Our staff will direct you on how the lifter works on the day of pick up.

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Betta Auto Hire have been operating out of Cleveland, Brisbane for over 20 years, hiring vehicles to locals and tourists alike. We pride ourselves on having competitive rates and an extensive range of passenger and commercial vehicles, and will always strive to give you the best service and experience possible.

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