To borrow a line or 2 from Mariah Carey, you don’t want a lot for Christmas. There really is just one thing you need. You don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. You just want a holiday hire car of your own!

Okay. Maybe a present or two would also be nice but if you’re heading to Brisbane or the popular hotspots close to it, do yourself a favour. Pick up an airport hire car from Betta Auto Hire. Why? Read on to find out.

Airport Hire Car Gives You Freedom

When you hire a car, you’re in control. You can arrive, leave or take a break from family events whenever you choose. No matter how much we love our friends and families, when you’re all staying together under the same roof, there’s going to be the potential for conflict.

According to one recent survey, almost 70 per cent of us are likely to have a row over the festive season. Christmas Day is apparently the most likely time to have a major family bust-up. Stress from visitors, too much alcohol and presents that don’t cut it can all be key drivers. Let’s deal with these issues one by one.

Give Each Other Space

When your hosts are striving to make Christmas as perfect as possible, the whole dynamic of their house is going to change once you arrive. Staying with friends and family over the holiday season is a big ask. There’s a lot you can do to help.

You can reduce the risk of unnecessary tension by creating space for yourself and those you’re staying with or visiting. A hire car lets you do this. So, if you’re planning to visit family or friends in the Brisbane area, take timeout regularly, perhaps 2 or 3 hours a day, for example.

Plan ahead by sorting out some excursions you’d like to make independently. Let your hosts know about your intentions before you arrive. It’s important to do this clearly so you don’t appear to simply be using their hospitality as a hotel.

Never Drink and Drive

Hiring a car also forces the issue of drinking and driving. The best advice is to steer clear of alcohol altogether. If you drink you’re putting other road users at risk as well as yourself.

And, of course, any insurance policy you had would be invalid. So, if you’re over the limit and have an accident, you could be in very deep trouble indeed.

We’ve All Got Too Much “Stuff!”

How many beauty product sets or pairs of socks does a person really need? One of the issues with the commercialisation of Christmas is that the blind panic created by leaving things too late can mean we grab whatever’s on the shelves out of sheer desperation.

Make a deal to pare things down this year. Talk to your nearest and dearest. Stick to a fixed cost per gift or, better still, agree to make a donation to a charity instead. Travelling by plane and then hiring a car gives you the perfect excuse to do Christmas gifts on a small scale.

Holiday Hire Car Gives You Peace of Mind

Hiring a car when you arrive at Brisbane airport is simplicity itself. You can relax straight away because Betta Auto Hire offers these key incentives:

  • We’ll beat any written quote
  • There’s no charge for extra drivers
  • You can take advantage of special “mates rates” deals
  • Free 24-hour breakdown cover

One of the biggest hassles of airport car hire can be the dreaded queues, especially during busy periods like Christmas. The anticipation of a long potential line is enough to raise the blood pressure of the most level-headed person.

Sail Through the Airport

Betta Auto Hire has come up with an ingenious solution. You simply complete the pre-hire check-in process by E-signing the rental agreement and completing payment.

All this happens well in advance before you even get to the airport. The result is that, in terms of paperwork, it’s “job done” and all you have to do on arrival is pick up the keys and drive away! Now that is airport car hire made easy!

You might also want to consider a vehicle that’s bigger than the car you’d usually drive. It’s an extra luxury that can give you the space you need to comfortably fit all your passengers and their luggage. You could even offer to pick up the Christmas tree!

Make It Easy on Yourself This Christmas

A holiday hire car also means not packing into public transport with a load of others all stressed out and in a hurry to make it home in time for the holidays. Car hire is safer from a health point of view because you won’t be mixing with other people when packed into trains or buses.

Once the sales are on after the Christmas break, you can also drive to the shops and replace the gifts you brought with you in your suitcase with a few bargains to take home.

Here are some more Christmas ideas about places to visit in Brisbane and beyond:

  • The Lott by Golden Casket City Hall Lights at Brisbane’s iconic City Hall
  • Queen Street Mall with daily pop-up performances and roaming entertainment
  • The Enchanted Garden at Roma Street Parkland
  • Northshore Christmas Boat Parade
  • Skypoint’s Magical Christmas on the Gold Coast
  • Blinky Bill’s Christmas at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • White Christmas at Movieland in Coomera

Of course, if you’ve over-eaten or just want to get away from the crowds, you could also use your hire car from Betta Auto Hire to take one of the many scenic drives in the area.

Book Your Airport Hire Car Today!

All good things come to an end. The number of cars we have available for rent is one of them. So, avoid disappointment and book today. We have small auto hatches all the way up to 12-seater people movers and everything in between.

Betta Auto Hire is a family owned and operated local business you can trust. Give yourself a break this Christmas. If you’re in Brisbane or travelling to Brisbane airport, join the locals and get a holiday-hire car from Betta Auto Hire.