Tis the season to hit the open road and head off on a Christmas adventure! Whether you’re travelling across the country for a beach escape or travelling to visit loved ones over the holiday season, a Christmas road trip promises food, fun and unforgettable memories. But before you book your holiday, make sure you’ve got the perfect car to take you on your adventure.

One way to kick off the season is to hire a car at a bargain price for the holidays. Cheap car hire doesn’t have to mean compromising on space and comfort. Read on to discover the secret to Brisbane car hire that’s the right fit for your travels.

Size, Comfort and Car Seats

It’s a sound investment to take a few minutes out of your day to plan your trip carefully. There are lots of dependencies and deciding factors that can make hiring a car at Christmas a bit different to other times of the year.

The best place to start is to work out how many passengers you’ll be carrying in the vehicle. Remember that once you’ve reached your destination, you may have to ferry more people around and any extra luggage they come with. There may be family day trips to consider or giving lifts to elderly relatives.

The second most significant consideration is ensuring you have enough room to fit in all your luggage and Christmas gifts. Cheap car hire quickly loses its “bargain appeal” if you can’t get everything and everyone into it. Don’t forget to include larger items in your plans like:

  • Surfboards, golf clubs or other sports equipment
  • Scooters and bikes
  • Camping gear and inflatable beds
  • Christmas gifts

When you’re driving at Christmas, you want to be comfortable. If there are traffic jams or slow-moving traffic, you’ll arrive even more stressed if you’ve squeezed the family into a car that’s too compact.

Distance and location are key factors to consider too. You may just be driving in cities, or on highways and quieter country roads during your travels. The road conditions and the driving you’ll experience can play into your choice of a hire car.

Finally, consider the extras to include in your car hire agreement, such as car seats or a GPS.

Understand Your Hire Car Options for Christmas Travel

There are going to be pros and cons related to any vehicle type. Compact cars may have the edge over their larger cousins when it comes to fuel, but they can feel cramped if you are travelling long distances.

Large 7-seater SUVs are ideal for families travelling with lots of luggage. Vans and people movers offer a lot more space and they can work out to be more cost-effective. That’s because the alternative might be to hire two smaller vehicles for you and another driver, which would incur double the fuel costs. Additionally, its often more cost-effective to hire a people mover versus paying for two smaller hire cars.

Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

The current cost of living is at the forefront of most of our minds and saving money anywhere we can is important. Remember, you can help control the amount of petrol you use by the way you drive. This is an important consideration to weigh up when looking to hire a car. Do you need a large vehicle that takes more petrol or can you manage a smaller vehicle that will save you money on fuel?

Budgeting for Brisbane Airport Car Hire

Price is likely to be a key factor when deciding which vehicle to hire and from which company. Betta Auto Hire has a pick-up point just 5 minutes from Brisbane domestic airport terminal. There are some evidence-based advantages to this.

We pay far less in off-airport fees compared to those charged at the airport terminal itself. That means we can pass these savings on to our valued customers, who enjoy more competitive prices.

With Betta Auto Hire, one of our friendly partners will be there to meet you and take you to our pick-up point a few minutes from the terminal. There is no need to maneuver your way through the Brisbane airport traffic to find your way to our pickup point.

Brisbane Car Hire Made Simple

This is Brisbane domestic airport car hire made simple because it is also easy access from our depot that will take you straight onto the Bruce Highway. The Bruce Highway is easy access for heading north to the Sunshine Coast, south to the city or bypassing the Brisbane traffic by going south on the highway straight to the Gold Coast.

Reduce Your Excess

You should also ensure you understand how insurance on your vehicle works. When you hire a car, companies typically quote you the cheapest car rental price with sufficient insurance coverage to get you on the road. However, if you have an accident, the excess you’ll need to pay can be eyewatering.

Betta Auto Hire lets you reduce the excess of your hire car by purchasing a range of insurance extras. We’ve called these Stress Free Cover and Platinum Cover.

No matter how much of a risk-taker you are, it’s worth considering these extras with your Brisbane car hire, particularly at Christmas time. There will be plenty of drivers on the road who are unfamiliar with their route. And the last thing anyone wants for Christmas is another big bill after an accident.

Hire A Car With Betta Auto Hire

Not only are we a reputable and long-standing local business, but we also have two convenient pick-up and drop-off locations. One is in Cleveland, just five minutes from the Stradbroke ferry terminal. The other is at Brisbane Airport. We’ve got Brisbane domestic airport car hire down to a fine art. Advance form-filling cuts down on waiting time, so you’ll be on the road as quickly as possible. Christmas is one of our busiest times, so we recommend booking your hire car well in advance.

Our easy-to-use online “hire a car” booking system means you can bag the right vehicle for your travels today. Visit our website today and get your Christmas travel plans sorted with cheap car hire from Betta Auto Hire.