With the school holidays fast approaching, your trip to Brisbane is getting closer and closer. You’ve organised the accommodation, you’ve got family dream world tickets, planned day trips, and the flight times and numbers are safely stored in your phone and etched in your memory. The kids have their new swimmers, and you’ve got a fresh new book that still has that bookstore smell on it, enticing you with its scent relaxation, the page-waft of wind down.

All that is left is the car hire, which you thought you’d get at the airport to make life a bit easier, or from a family location nearby. But do you know what you are getting, and more so, what you’re not when you hire directly at the airport or from a large hire company? Here is our guide to car hire Brisbane and how we can offer you a carefree superior service at a competitive price, with service unmatched.

Rental terms and conditions
It is so easy to flick over the Ts & Cs in any contract. Most people are naturally optimistic when they arrive at the airport ready for a holiday. Fine print? What fine print, you want to sign and get on out of here and jump in the pool! But failing to read the conditions at the desk, with kids eager to get going, squirming around all over the place, is likely to make you rush through the paperwork. You may inadvertently agree to a daily kilometre limit which may place some of your big day trips in jeopardy, or pay extra for additional drivers.

Check for unrecorded damage
Because car rentals directly accessible at the airport are popular for many, the increased risk of damage to cars through small bumps, scratches, and dints means there may be a risk these minor issues may be missed off the inventory. Perhaps the last driver caused some undetected damage due to a fast turnaround in car hire due to demand. A common occurrence, and without any proof this damage wasn’t your fault when you return your car; you may end up paying for damage you did not create.

You will pay for convenience.
Like everything in life, convenience has a price. We all pay for it: online shopping delivery, express postage, food delivery services, even credit cards. Unfortunately, our accustomed perception of ease vs money often sees us pay more for something we could have for less if we could wait a little longer. The same applies to direct airport rental cars. You will notice the fees are higher for the ability to pick up and drop off on-site or at a nearby location, and longer wait times can be expected for this service, particularly as the school holiday period and peak tourism time begin.

Betta Auto car hire Brisbane believes it is essential you know what you are getting in your car hire. We do not let you rush through paperwork on the day, which can be stressful for everyone. By completing and paying for your car rental at least 48 hours before arrival, you can be sure you have had time to understand your rental contract and skip the queue. There will be no nasty surprises on your bill because we are upfront about all our fees. You will know to the dollar what is charged to your card for that budgeting peace of mind. As part of our pre-booking service, we will ascertain your pick-up location, be it from the airport or from a local Brisbane area, and handle all shuttles to and from our office, where our rental service begins and ends. With the paperwork already done, you just get to pick up your keys and start your holiday; knowing our 5-star family-run service will know exactly how to care and cater for all of your family’s needs.

Contact us today and tell us what you need from your car hire Redlands, including any extras like baby/booster seats and e-tags, and we can tailor a car rental package perfect for you.