When it comes to moving your belongings, you need the right equipment to get the job done securely and safely. But removalists are expensive and might be a stretch above your budget. We get it. Moving is already stressful enough without adding insult to injury through costly removalists and cumbersome truck hire.

Whether you’re moving homes, seeing your kids off to college or their new apartment, needing to dump some rubbish at the tip, or just going away for a holiday and need the extra space, caged utes are the easiest and most cost-friendly way to chuck everything in the back, secure it up, and easily transport it from one destination to the next. Whatever the situation, our caged ute rentals are the easy, stress-free and secure answer to your moving woes.

Hiring high-quality vehicles out for over 20 years, Betta Auto Hire is a family-owned and operated local business well known and trusted around the South East Brisbane area. When it comes to auto hire, we understand what Australians are looking for and the quality they expect from their ute hires. Our extensive fleet is well-maintained and contains a vehicle for everyone and every situation!

Why do we recommend caged utes for moving hire?

Caged utes are the easy, efficient, and convenient way to manage and move your belongings without straining your wallet or breaking the bank. Moving is already stressful enough; we don’t need to add costly fees for something that should be more help than hindrance!

Our caged utes make transporting and securing your load easy. With lockable cages to secure your belongings and tie-downs to ensure safe delivery, caged utes are better than a standard ute tray for numerous reasons:

  1. Our caged utes are great if you need to transport anything tall or delicate. The high sides on the cage allow you to tie your load down securely and keep your precious cargo from moving around. Unlike a truck or removalists van, you can see how your belongings are travelling and can rest assured knowing that you’re in charge of their journey!
  1. Our caged utes have tipping cages, allowing for dump runs and easy drop-off. Just back up to the bin at the dump, prop the cage up, and watch your waste slide out. No-fuss or mess on your part, just let the tipping cage do its thing!
  1. If it’s your first time driving a ute, that’s not a problem. They’re just as easy to navigate as a regular car, and you can hire an auto or manual ute depending on your driving ability. We’re always happy to help if you need more information or practice!
  1. Great for those who want a more budget-friendly option, caged utes are a great way to self-move on your terms and save the extra cash for more important things!

We aim to help you move more for less by providing high-quality service and excellent equipment that gets you to where you need to go as efficiently as possible. Conveniently located throughout South-East Brisbane and the Redlands area, you’ll find our caged ute rental packages to be flexible and five-star! Whether you need to rent for a day, a week, or an hour, we have upfront pricing options to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in hiring a caged ute to make your moving day more comfortable, contact us for more information. We pride ourselves on having competitive rates and an extensive range of passenger and commercial vehicles. We will always strive to give you the best service and experience possible.