When you arrive at a destination away from home it can be hard to get around with just public transport alone, especially if your family can’t loan you a car. That’s why we offer a convenient Brisbane airport car hire service so you can travel around South East Queensland with ease.

How do I Book?

Booking a Brisbane Airport car hire is simple and easy. Just fill out our booking form with the relevant details at least 48 hours before your arrival and we will send you a confirmation email and information about how to pick up and drop off your car hire.

If you are unsure of the details that we send through you can always give us a call to discuss the details of your Brisbane Airport car hire further. We advise that this be done well in advance so everything is organised and straightforward when you arrive.

What is included?

When you book a car for hire with our booking form you can choose from a range of vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you need a small car or a people mover we have options that will make your trip to South East Queensland comfortable and enjoyable.

We also include a GPS navigation system for FREE with all Brisbane Airport car hire services. This will help you travel to each of your destinations easily with up-to-date maps and systems.

Can I take the car anywhere?

You can take your car hire wherever you need to travel. However, there are some restrictions on our car hire vehicles, which we can discuss with you depending on where you need to go. We do not permit our vehicles off-road as they will not be covered, however, you are able to drive on all bitumen roads to your destination.

We also advise that if you are driving one of our Brisbane Airport car hire options you drive within South East Queensland. If something happens out of state you will be liable for damages or repairs to the car.

You can book your car hire online or talk to our team at Betta Auto Hire about our car hire options today.