If you are moving or simply need to transport some large items across the city, you should engage a pallet truck hire from Betta Auto Hire!

Let’s review the benefits of a pallet truck and why it might make sense to hire one today.

Benefits of Pallet Truck Hire

A pallet truck is a great way to move large items that a standard truck may not be able to transport. These trucks have a unique look since they consist of a flatbed – which resembles a pallet – that has no roof or sides surrounding it.
Our Tradie’s 6 pallet truck is a great option to suit all of these needs. It is rated up to 4.49 tonnes and does not require a special license to drive. Our trucks have a 3-rack system to maximise your ability to tie down large items.

All of our pallet trucks have air conditioning as well to ensure you have the most comfortable experience!

They are Very Easy to Load and Unload

Pallet trucks are extremely easy to load and unload when compared to traditional moving trucks. Since there are no roofs or sides to get in your way, you have a much larger surface area to move large items around.
Likewise, you can load items from any direction – this will save you time and effort when you are moving a lot of boxes and need to stack them in a particular order for easy delivery or transport.

Improved Flexibility

Pallet truck hire also gives you greater flexibility when it comes to the type of items you can transport. The fact that there is no roof or sides to the truck bed means that you can hold taller and wider items that you normally could not fit into a regular moving truck.
Whether you’re hauling a refrigerator or an entire house’s worth of furniture, you will be able to arrange it flexibly with a pallet truck.

Reduce the Number of Trips You Need to Move

There is much more space available for storage on a flatbed truck, which means that it will require fewer trips for you to move. Not only does this save you a large amount of time that it takes to load up the truck for each trip, but it will also save you on fuel and time spent driving back and forth.

You Can Use it to Pick Up a Large Purchase – Save on delivery costs

If you have recently purchased a large item – or one that is too tall to fit in your vehicle – consider pallet truck hire.
You can transport the large object to and from wherever you need to go, without having to rely on a friend to help you or needing to pay expensive shipping costs.

There is No Long-Term Commitment Required

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of pallet truck hire is that you can get the job done with no long-term commitment! No registrations, No maintenance and No servicing.

Whether you need the truck for just a few days – or a couple of weeks – you get to choose how long you rent the truck for.

Betta Auto Hire is Here to Help!

At Betta Auto Hire, we are here to help with all of your Brisbane pallet truck hire needs! We have been experts in the industry for over 20 years, and every day we help locals with all of their transport needs.

Our goal is to provide our clients with pallet trucks to meet all of their moving and transport needs. We have the most competitive rates and the broadest range of vehicles available – and we always strive to offer the best customer service and ensure you have the best experience!