Moving home has built itself a reputation as one of life’s big stress-makers. So, we’re going to share some tips from budget truck hire to careful labelling for a cunning plan that’ll put an end to those sleepless nights.

Moving on a budget can and should be fun, but only if you take care of the finer details that’ll save you lots of your hard-earned cash. Read on to find out how to make it easy on yourself with the best Brisbane truck hire, and you’ll soon be living the dream.

1.       Make a Profit From Your Move!

Decluttering well before your moving day has three massive benefits:

  • You’ll have fewer belongings to move unnecessarily, saving you time and money
  • You can sell off whatever you no longer need
  • If you donate unwanted items, you’ll be helping someone in need

Vintage clothing, vinyl albums and old smartphones are all money-makers. Make moving more fun by selling them online. See if you can pay for your moving truck hire in Brisbane by making some cash from items you no longer want or need.

Instead of using valuable truck space for large pieces of furniture that you don’t use any more, give them away. You’ll find plenty of “freecycle” sites online or charities willing to pick up items they can then resell.

2. Tick off Everything on Your Checklist

Have a printed list on a clipboard that you can refer to. Before you start packing, set aside the clothes and shoes you’ll be wearing on moving day. Check off tasks once you get them done. Here are a few you may wish to include:

  • Reserve the elevator in the apartment block you’re moving to
  • Sort the utilities in your current and new home
  • Get rid of waste and leave bathrooms in your old home clean
  • Empty the fridge freezer and have an eski at the ready
  • Use egg cartons to pack your jewellery
  • Pack an essentials bag with chargers, batteries, and important documents
  • Have a final walk-through before you set off in your budget truck hire vehicle
  • Have an “open me first box” containing essentials like a corkscrew!
  • Order some food for your first evening in your new home
  • Unpack your kitchen items first
  • Put a date in the diary for your house-warming party

3. Help! I’m Moving

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use your social network of close friends and family to find anyone who can help on the big day. If DIY isn’t your thing, do you know anyone handy with a screwdriver?

Check if they can help you dismantle furniture and then put it back together in your new home. Gather some muscle by seeing if any of your gym-loving friends are available to help with loading and unloading.

You’re in charge, so come up with a plan to delegate some of the moving tasks. A problem shared is a problem halved. And remember to have some beers to hand out to your helpers.

4. Choose the Right Budget Truck Hire

First thing’s first: check if your driver’s licence is adequate to hire a larger truck if that’s what you need.

Fortunately, you only need a regular driver’s license to hire even the largest trucks, vans and utes from Betta Auto Hire.  And the best part is they’re all very affordable for those on a budget.

Take the spacious three-tonne Pantec truck. It has a rear ramp and a rear hydraulic lifter, free of charge. Blankets, trolleys, and ropes are also available for hire, should you need them.

The prices charged by any company that rents out vehicles vary depending on when you’re hiring and for how long. Weekends, public holidays and the “low season” tend to be the times to catch the best deals.

It also usually pays to book in advance and to hire directly from the rental company rather than through a third party. So, plan accordingly and see if you can pin your moving day down to one that’s going to get you the best possible price.

5. Use Appropriately Sized Boxes

You can move lighter items like clothes, sheets and blankets in bags. However, for heavier items like books, crockery and glassware, you’ll need a variety of boxes. Boxes need to be sturdy and the right size for what you put into them.

Start collecting your boxes early. Check-in with a small, local supermarket and see if they can let you have old packing boxes that would otherwise get thrown away. You may also be able to find free boxes on sites like Facebook Marketplace or by sending out an SOS to your contacts on social media.

Betta Auto Hire also offers a variety of packing box options, complete with packing tape and bubble wrap. We even supply mattress protectors, wine boxes and tea boxes with cushioned walls. Get in touch with one of the team for all the latest prices.

Remember to label all boxes. Better still, take photos or videos on your smartphone of the contents so you can check where items are once you get to your new home. Use towels to fill spaces in boxes containing heavy or fragile items.

6. Have Plenty of Tools Handy

If you’re not a DIY enthusiast, the thought of disassembling and reassembling furniture can feel overwhelming. One way to make it less stressful is to ensure you have the right tools for the job.

Check your furniture well in advance and see what types of tools you need. Here are a few you should have to hand:

  • Several pairs of pliers in a variety of sizes
  • Several sizes of screwdriver, flat and Phillips types
  • A set of Allen keys and a hammer

Find the Best Budget Truck Hire

Betta Auto Hire is your one-stop shop for Brisbane truck hire, with an extensive variety of vehicles available. If you’re unsure about anything related to moving truck hire in Brisbane, talk to one of the team at Betta Auto Hire today.