Brisbane is a vibrant city in Queensland and the CBD is an adventure unto itself with plenty of things to do and see. Today we’re going to take a look at the four best things to do when you visit and you can see it all in the best Brisbane Car hire!

Meet wildlife at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
At 44 acres, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the largest and oldest koala sanctuary in the world. It was founded in 1927 to provide refuge for injured, sick, or orphaned koalas in an age where they were being hunted for their fur. Claude Reid founded the sanctuary, recognising the need to nurture and protect this iconic Aussie species.

Situated in Fig Tree Pocket, it’s just 20 minutes by car from the Brisbane CBD. No time at all when your reward is getting up close and personal to some of the most famous Australian species including kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils, echidnas, platypi, a variety of reptiles, and of course the koala.

The Toyota Yaris is a great option for getting to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It’s small enough that whipping around the inner city is a breeze while still giving you plenty of room for souvenirs.

Explore Southbank Parklands
Transformed as part of World Expo 88, Southbank Parklands has since become a cultural hotbed in Brisbane. It’s located at South Bank within South Brisbane, just across the river from the CBD proper and is connected to the city centre by the Victoria Bridge at one end and Gardens Point by the Goodwill footbridge at the other.

Southbank is an eclectic mix of attractions. You can explore patches of lush rainforest, look out over the iconic Brisbane River from the waterfront promenade, or relax with a picnic on numerous grassy areas. There are BBQ facilities, dozens of cafes, bars, and restaurants as well as craft markets on weekends.

The parklands is also one of the city’s most prolific cultural precincts and it regularly plays host to large-scale events and festivals.

Since this Brisbane experience is just a stone’s throw from the CBD the best way to get around the city is with our small auto hatch hire which comes complete with 5 seats and E-Tags to get you in and out of the city easily! Call to find out more about Brisbane Car hire today!

Climb Mount Coot-tha
Mount Coot-tha is both a suburb and the highest peak within the urban footprint of Brisbane. The mountain forms the easternmost end of the Taylor Range and is a popular tourist attraction and landmark just 6 kilometres west of the Brisbane CBD.

There are a number of reasons you shouldn’t miss a trip to Mount Coot-tha. At its base sits the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium – both must-see attractions on their own. The mountain itself is beautiful as well, crisscrossed with bike trails and hikes that connect numerous picturesque parks and lookouts.

The peak of the mountain is very much worth the effort to reach it. You can hike to the point or, if you prefer, you can drive the winding road to the top. Once there you’ll be afforded some of the best views in Brisbane.

Hiring a Toyota Corolla is a great way to see the area. It’ll get you through the winding mountain roads easily and give you plenty of room to pack a great picnic for the family.

Feast at Eat Street Northshore
Eat Street must be seen to be believed. Situated in Hamilton, this former container wharf has been transformed into one of the very best places in Brisbane to indulge your inner foodie.

It’s open every weekend of the year (barring Christmas day) and costs a measly $5 to get in. Once inside you’re able to sample food from all around the world as you enjoy the lively atmosphere and rousing entertainment.

To get the most out of your trip, make sure to check out all the stalls before you make your decision on food. There’s a tonne of options to choose from but there’s nothing worse than filling up and then seeing something you desperately want to try.

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Visit Brisbane!
Where tourism is concerned, Brisbane really packs a lot of punch. Whether you want to get up close to our native wildlife or sample some of the best food in the world, this city has it all. If you’re looking for the perfect car to tour it in, then give us a call at Betta Auto Hire! We offer the best, in Brisbane car hire.