If you are taking on a new landscaping project, you may be considering Brisbane tipper truck hire. Here are 3 reasons why you need a tipper truck hire:

1. Complete A Wide Variety of Projects
Regardless of the type of projects you are looking to complete, a Brisbane tipper truck is likely the best tool for the job. These compact dumpers are easily manoeuvrable, which allows them to navigate in tight streets and driveways.
They are also very user friendly, making it very easy for anyone to operate. The tipper trucks available at Betta Auto Hire are fitted with a towbar rated up to 3.5 tonnes, flashing safety lights, an isolation switch for the battery, and of course, air conditioning for comfort!

Since a tipper truck is so compact, you can easily and safely operate it in your driveway or backyard. Likewise, these trucks have superior traction – so even if your yard is a little bit muddy or you have a slick driveway on a hill, the tipper truck will be able to get the job done.

Hired for a weekend or a week you could easily use this little beauty to help you completely transform your yard. You can use it to transport sod, gravel, and even materials for your latest landscaping project! These types of materials would be difficult to move around in any other type of vehicle, so a Brisbane tipper truck is the perfect solution for this type of work.

2. You Don’t Need to Use a Trailer
Another benefit of a Brisbane tipper truck hire is that you don’t need to use a trailer when you are transporting materials. Their hydraulic lifts and tilting abilities allow them to quickly unload sod, sand, or gravel right where it is needed!

Huge benefit!… You only need a standard license to drive a tipper truck, so it is the perfect alternative to renting a trailer and going through all of the efforts associated with hitching it to the car and driving it with extended length, especially if you are not used to reversing.
Driving a large vehicle with a trailer equipped can be daunting for most drivers, the benefit of hiring a tipper truck can ensure that you feel safe and confident while driving the vehicle!

3. Landscaping Done Easy
A Brisbane tipper truck hire is the best way to make your landscaping project easier. Most landscaping projects require you to transport large amounts of loose material like rocks, dirt, and other trimmings. It means you can do that stop off to Bunnings and the landscape shop all in one trip.

Betta Auto Hire is here to help you with all of your Brisbane tipper truck hire needs! We have over 20 years of experience helping locals with a wide variety of truck hires. We strive to offer competitive rates and the widest variety of passenger vehicles in Brisbane. Not only will you get the best trucks available, but you will receive top-tier service and a first-class experience too.

Contact us today if you are ready to hire a tipper truck hire!