Moving day can be a big moment. It’s full of things to do and while going to a new home can be exciting, the experience can also be overwhelming. Staying organised can be key to achieving a seamless transition along with our budget truck hire!

Here are ten tips to follow to make your moving day a great success.

Hire an affordable moving truck
When doing a DIY move, you want to keep your costs down. At Betta Auto Hire, we have a full fleet of affordable moving trucks that can be driven on a regular car licence. Plus, your truck hire also includes a rear ramp and a rear hydraulic lifter, free of charge. Blankets, trolleys, and ropes are also available for hire, should you need them. Make your moving day easier with our budget truck hire!

Ask people to help in advance
Your friends and family could be busy the day you move, so ask them well in advance if they can lend a hand with your move. If they can’t, be sure to hire someone to help out who can. Trust us, getting the couch out the door by yourself is a puzzle you don’t want to solve on your own.

Reserve the elevator
If you live in an apartment building, ask if the elevator needs to be reserved. Remember, these people are going to be your neighbours after all, and you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Disassemble your furniture
Your large furniture is that much easier to move when taken apart. Not everything can be disassembled but if your bed, wardrobe, or sofa comes apart, (thank you, Ikea!), doing it in advance can help you save time. Plus, it’s easier to pack your budget truck rental safely.

Get the right boxes
Transporting your items in bags and reused boxes can work so long as the items are not too heavy or breakable. For items like dishes and books, however, having the right boxes for the job will be essential. We offer a variety of affordable moving packs to suit your needs. Our moving packs come with items like wine boxes, cushioned walled tea chest boxes, moving bags, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, and mattress protectors. Choose from a variety of complete packages to make your moving day an easy one.

At Betta Auto Hire, we offer:

Basic Moving Pack $45

5x Tea Chest Boxes
● 5x Wine Boxes
● 2x Moving Bags
● 1x Roll Clear Packing Tape

Mid Movers Pack $85

10x Tea Chest Boxes
● 10x Wine Boxes
● 2x Moving Bags
● 2x Rolls Clear Packing Tape
● 1x Packing Paper

Big Movers $130

10x Tea Chest Boxes
● 10x Wine Boxes
● 2x Rolls Packing Tape
● 1x Packing Paper
● 2x Mattress Protectors
● 1x Roll Bubble Wrap

Tape and label your boxes
Secure your boxes well with tape, especially when moving heavy items and label them clearly to reduce the guesswork when unpacking.

Connect your utilities
Do the lights work and will the fridge and stove run? Get the utilities connected before moving day. That way on arrival, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space.

Defrost your fridge in advance (and turn it off)
Don’t forget to deal with your fridge a few days before the big day! Empty it and defrost it for leak-free transportation.

Plan to order takeout
Our last tip for a successful moving day is to plan to order take-out! The last thing you’ll want to do on your moving day is cook, so plan your first in-house feast in advance. Not only is it your reward for all your hard work, but it’s a chance to get to know the neighbourhood restaurants as well.

Moving is a chore but it can be made easier with budget moving truck rental. At Betta Auto Hire we have the right vehicles and equipment you’ll need to make moving as seamless as possible. Our budget truck hire provides you with quality service you can rely on with no hidden charges or extra fees, and we’ll beat the competition on any written quote.

Contact us now and reserve your moving truck today. It really is that easy!