Vehicle rental is a key component of any travel plans, whether you’re on holiday, moving, or need a bigger car for when extended family come to stay. Organising your hire car should be a top priority, and there’s a lot you can do to make the process easier.

We want to show you the best ways to hire a car that’s the right size and the right price. We’ve drawn on our customers’ experiences to give you our top tips for Brisbane car hire. Read on to discover the stress-free ways to get behind the wheel of your next hire car.

1. Plan Well in Advance

When it comes to vehicle rental, the early bird does catch the worm. It pays to make your reservation well in advance, especially if you need a car over busy periods like the school holidays.

Booking a hire car early will give you the best chance of securing your preferred vehicle type. It will also lower the risk of a last-minute panic to find an available car and the right size.

2. Rent the Right Vehicle

This may sound obvious, but many people do not give sufficient thought to how they will use their hire car. Your car needs to be the right fit for your plans. For example, if you are picking up the car from the airport, ask yourself if the car you have your eye on will fit all your passengers as well as your luggage.

It’s easy to become tempted by the cheapest options, but this may be a false economy. If elderly relatives will be joining you, ensure the car has four doors to make getting in and out easier. Betta Auto Hire offers a wide range of hire cars, from smaller models to 8 and 12-seater people movers.

3. Check the Rental Terms and Conditions

Always read through these thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Insurance: understand what you’ll be liable for if you damage the vehicle
  • The fuel policy
  • The procedure to follow if you have an accident
  • What happens if you experience a breakdown or lose the keys
  • What constitutes damage to the vehicle
  • What happens if you are late picking up the vehicle
  • What happens if you return the vehicle after the time agreed on the contract

4. Watch for Discounts and Special Offers

Car hire companies, like Betta Auto Hire, often run promotions and special offers. You can make substantial savings by taking advantage of these. Forewarned is forearmed, so make sure you keep up to date with what’s on offer and join any loyalty programs that may be available.

5. Check Your Vehicle Over

You should build in time to inspect your hire car thoroughly before you drive it away. If you discover a dent or scrape a few hours later, it may be too late to take it up with the car hire company when you return the vehicle.

Use your smartphone to take plenty of photos and a video of the entire car. Here’s a checklist:

  • Ask for the vehicle damage report, ensuring it’s current and accurate
  • Inspect wing mirrors, locking mechanisms and the corners of the vehicle
  • Check under the bumpers and the wheel trims for scrapes and scratches
  • Assess the cleanliness of the car, both inside and out
  • Ensure the vehicle is compliant, e.g. its documents are in the car
  • Make sure the actual mileage tallies with what is on the contract

6. Familiarise Yourself with Your Hire Car

Build in time before you set off to get to know some of the car’s basics. It’s a sound investment that will reduce stress later. Check:

  • The position of your seat and all mirrors
  • How to operate the handbrake, indicators and lights
  • How to plug in a charger to your smartphone and connect it to the sound system
  • How to operate the GPS navigation system if it’s available

7. Have a Plan!

Get the most from your hire car by planning a few carefully selected routes. Take traffic conditions and attractions into account. Pay particular attention to rest stops. It’s a mistake to build in too few of these and then spend too much time on the road.

Your Brisbane hire car can take you on a wealth of scenic routes and day trips to beautiful places like the Sunshine Coast. You could also head over to Stradbroke Island to experience its natural beauty and fabulous beaches. Or, why not take your time and meander down for a day trip to the Gold Coast?

8: Stay Connected

It’s always worth a reminder to make maximum use of your smartphone. Remember to pack chargers, cables and back-up battery packs! Your smartphone is your key resource for information about the weather, traffic and roadside assistance. Check out the apps you need in advance, from bird or tree identification to Stradbroke Island ferry times.

9. Stay Safe

It makes sense to take all necessary precautions in case you experience some kind of emergency. Always carry sufficient water with you and a few snacks in case of a breakdown or accident.

If you’re planning to hike, keep a first aid kit with you. Have a folder to store all your important documents in one place, and make sure you have copies of these available on your smartphone.

10. Returning Your Vehicle

It is your responsibility to return your hire car to the right location, on time and in the same condition as you received it. It’s well worth double-checking your vehicle rental contract to avoid any careless slips that could prove costly further down the line.

Ensure that you abide by the vehicle rental fuel policy and, if possible, leave sufficient time for your car hire company to sign off the vehicle before you continue your journey. This will give you peace of mind and avoid any misunderstandings.

Get Your Brisbane Vehicle Rental Sorted!

Betta Auto Hire offers a wide range of quality cars, SUVs, people movers, utes and trucks. Contact us today to book in your next adventure!