A van can be as essential to any commercial operation as an office, a laptop or even an extra pair of hands. Without one, many small businesses would be unable to function.

The cost of a new and reliable van can be prohibitively high, especially for those entrepreneurs just starting out. But fear not. Many roads lead to Rome, and it’s not always necessary to own the van that’ll get you there.

Step forward, commercial van hire! Read on to discover why rental vans and van hire could be the keys to a successful future.

The Importance of Commercial Vans

Vans have become an integral component of the economy and society at large. A surge in online shopping means consumers expect rapid and direct deliveries. They are vital players in the logistics chain, playing a significant role in:

  • The construction industry
  • Courier, postal and distribution services
  • The rise in mobile workshops
  • Agricultural activities

The expectation is that revenue from road freight services in Australia will grow to an estimated $65.1 billion over the five years.

So, what’s the best way to become part of this expansion? There are huge benefits in Commercial Van Hire, from boosting revenue to giving your marketing strategy a quick and effective hit with a professional-looking vehicle. Here’s more of the detail:

1.       Efficiency of Cost

Commercial Van Hire and vehicle rentals are often far more cost effective than buying brand-new vans. They allow new businesses to get going straight away. There’s no need to secure financing for a new van that will depreciate the moment you drive away in it.

Rental vans are also stress-busters and time-savers. If they break down, they become someone else’s problem. You’ll save money on maintenance and costly repairs. Insurance becomes more straightforward to manage. And you’ll be able to pick and choose a rental period that fits your business model.

Additionally, newer rental vans are efficient, cutting fuel costs compared to those you might incur after buying an older second-hand model.

2. No Long-term Commitment

Buying a van means you become locked into a long-term obligation from which it may not be easy to extricate yourself. It can also mean a significant initial outlay of capital better spent elsewhere in your business.

Van hire avoids the need for making what might be a risky and unnecessary long-term commitment. You can select the rental period that works for your small business, returning the vehicle when you no longer need it.

3. Greater Flexibility

Commercial van hire allows you to choose the size and capacity of the van that best suits your business needs.

You’ll be able to select a van that can take your cargo or equipment at any given moment. You can then upgrade or downsize based on commercial considerations.

Van hire also means you can enjoy transporting goods or equipment on your terms without relying on a third-party service.

4. A Boost to Your Professional Image

When people see the rental vans that reputable hire companies like Betta Auto Hire provide, they get a positive impression. These vans have an impact and deliver a message that those driving them are professional and well-established. This can make or break the chances of repeat business, recommendations and excellent reviews.

5. As Easy to Drive As a Car

Commercial van hire does not require you to have a special licence to get behind the wheel. Modern rental vans are very straightforward to drive, even for those not used to manoeuvring a larger vehicle. The controls tend to be simpler and more intuitive than many of the latest car models.

6. Increased Safety on the Roads

Rental vans are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure they are safe and reliable. In that sense, you are delegating all those responsibilities to the hiring company. It is in their interest to ensure that their customers are always safe when out on the open road.

You’ll benefit from added peace of mind knowing that your van is in tip-top condition and has less chance of breaking down when you’re out on a job. Break-downs on a van you own could negatively affect your profits because of the time your vehicle is off the road.

7. Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Manufacturers have invested heavily in the design of rental vans. That includes particular attention given to fuel efficiency. This can save you money every time you fill up and reduce your carbon footprint. Because rental companies look after their vehicles, the vans they hire out get appropriately tuned so that they run as efficiently as possible.

8. Safe and Sound

You should also consider the safety, security and protection that commercial van hire offers. Hidden from view, the enclosed interior space gives you plenty of room to safely store equipment, tools and appliances without having to worry about weather damage or theft.

9. Space to Organise Your Gear

Having the option to select the right-sized vehicle means you’ll have just the right amount of space to store everything you need. This lets you keep your equipment and tools in a neat and orderly fashion so that it’s all to hand when you require it. There’s no more need to cram all your gear into the confined space of a normal-sized hatch-back.

10. Added Convenience

Betta Auto Hire operates from two convenient locations, Cleveland in the heart of the Redlands and Brisbane airport. We understand how hard it can be for some of our customers to get to a vehicle rental headquarters without a car. As an additional service to our customers, we can pick you up from and drop you off at your local destination!

Commercial Van Hire You Can Trust

Betta Auto Hire has a range of rental vans and utes available. You can rent them for a period that’s going to suit you and your business at highly competitive rates.

Do your small business a favour and check out why Betta Auto Hire is a top-rated car hire company in Brisbane.